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Over 500 companies including KPMG, Gong, Refine Labs, and Morgan Lewis use LEON’s products to measure and automate engagement and well-being efforts. LEON’s Insight® product is an industry leading always on, always learning diagnostic tool. And Perform® is your go-to Wellness Intelligence® software and expertise.

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LEON Insight®

LEON Insight® is a people diagnostic tool that systematically reduces turnover, optimizes high-performers, and gives you accurate reporting data.
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LEON Perform® for Employees

We help each person understand their feelings and why and equips them with the insights, services, and support they need in the moments they need most.
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LEON Perform® for Employers

We build scalable programs, using Insight® data, that support individuals, teams and entire organizations to create a happy, and high-performing culture.
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*Everybody is doing it. You should do it, too.

*We don’t condone giving into peer-pressure (unless giving into said peer-pressure can sculpt superb supervisors, groom talent and keep that groomed talent around for longer
Cindy Gordon
Cindy uses LEON to automate her entire employee engagement data model.
Bryan Elsesser
Bryan uses LEON to improve alignment within the SaaStr Sales team.
Sam Kuehnle
Sam on-boarded LEON to help mitigate burnout risk for his marketing team.
Bruno the Dog
Gong uses LEON to reduce SDR burnout risk and improve AE revenue performance.
Brad Wilkins
Brad used LEON at Loadsmart to improve his automated, employee engagement insights.
Jeff Reisley
Jeff uses LEON with all his consulting clients to better understand performance issues.

Keep your company performing — and your people off the job market.

LEON helps you identify attrition risks, measure the impacts of your response, and make data-driven decisions about your people strategy.

Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Build a culture that thrives in change.

Resilient teams deliver strong results. LEON will help you build a more engaged and higher-performing organization.

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