Your employees hate their job.

*85% of employees hate their job. We’re changing this with the world’s first ever, AI-powered employee performance platform.

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* We’re pulling this number from here. Though, our hunch is it’s much much higher.
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Hey there --

The year is 2020. We’re flipping futuristic.

We have self-driving cars. Smart thermostats. Phones without buttons. Reusable rockets. Fancy wristbands that help us sleep better.

Yet (and this is a big yet), *85% of people hate their jobs. 

We know what you’re thinking... 

“Not us.” 

“Not here.” 

“Not at (fill in the blank startup ending with -ly, -ify, -io).”

Unfortunately, the statistic rings true for you and those other companies sharing your building and block and city and country. 

There is good news, though. It’s not too late to start innovating in the one place we haven’t been... HUMAN CAPITAL. 

Here at LEON, we’re building humankind’s healthiest and happiest generation of employees with the planet’s first ever, AI- powered employee performance platform. 

It’s designed to not only flip that 85% statistic upside down but to sky-rocket output, too.

Because, let's face it...we’ve found that employees who are happier and healthier, tend to be a hell of a lot better at their jobs. 

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10x your employee’s health, happiness, output and creativity.

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🦸 Wellness Intelligence

Understand the health of your team - fast

Employee wellness has always been you guessing and eventually missing the mark. With Wellness Intelligence by LEON, we super-power your employees.

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🚀 Automated Playbooks

Precision targeted employee performance at scale

Set your team up for success with pre-packaged high performance Playbooks built specifically for your team.

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🎯compare and benchmark

Become everyone's dream company

With LEON, you become the diamond in the rough. The oasis in the desert that the best talent wants to hang out in. And we prove it by comparing you against the best SaaS companies on the block.

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Here’s what some of our customers are saying

"Here’s an app that has actually transformed the way I think about my health, happiness and how I grow as a human being. LEON not only helps me, but it helps our company grow better, faster and healthier.

Bryan Elsesser

“The way LEON looks at employee performance is very holistic and intelligent. Their take on building better HUMANS in an environment where remote work in necessary, and as leaders we have less access to our team, is novel and very much needed.

Vishal Vakharia

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that you should hit the damn button.

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