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Return on investment is never just capital. With our private equity and venture capital solution, you'll gain credible and comprehensive organizational health benchmarking to ensure your investment's success.

Full Organizational Health Visibility

Measure and analyze your portfolios complete Organizational Health profile from any and all data sources to create complete fund transparency.

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Our Approach to Working With Funds

We combine various data sources related to employee listening and apply ML-based technology to enrich the dataset throughout the investment lifecycle.

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Blog, Research and LEON Insights

Benchmark Organizational Health against your peers and see the impact of Organizational Health against financial performance and growth.

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Powering the next generation of companies and funds.

"The customization required to manage today's work force is more significant than ever and it would be silly to try to do it without a team like LEON."
Brad Wilkins
Chief People Officer, Braven Capital

To bring organizational health impact to markets

Now more than ever, investors and organizations need to understand the sustainability of investments and growth. At LEON, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive organizational health insights tailored to the unique needs of our diverse range of clients, including Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, and Human Capital Consultants. Our mission is to empower you to quantify people risks across your entire portfolio or company, and to showcase the quantitative impact of organizational health on financial performance. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your investments by prioritizing organizational health and driving long-term success.

Create a healthier
future with us

At LEON, we have identified a need for more transparency, depth and intuitiveness in Organizational Health analysis and reporting – and that is what we are providing. By utilizing the potential of technologies, such as AI and machine learning, LEON today is enabling all kinds of asset managers and investors to cut through the noise and analyze the real health impact of their investments.