Employee wellness built for fast scaling tech teams.

LEON is a wellness platform that helps you optimize your biggest growth lever: The health and happiness of your people.

Trusted by some of today’s top tech brands

Introducing the LEON Health Index

A Startups health—its ability to align growth around employee well-being—is critical for performance. However, many leaders overlook employee health because they lack a clear way to measure it. The LEON Health Index applies analytics and proven Playbooks to achieve the organizational health required for fast growth.

How our wellness engagement solution works (p.s. it’s super easy)



Teams answer in app Pulse Surveys to understand your companies wellness needs


Managers are able to understand wellness metrics ranging from Morale, Happiness and Mental and Physical Health


The LEON recommendation engine allows you to optimize your wellness benefit for your exact needs, with reduced costs


Loved by HR Leaders

Save time, energy, and effort with a wellness engagement tool that shows you where your biggest team wellness opportunities lie.

  • LEON Engagement 70% 70%
  • Industry Average 22% 22%

70% of members engage with LEON every month

“Here’s an app that has actually transformed the way I think about my workout regimen. LEON has shown me a ton of new ideas for my workouts. Not to mention it seamlessly links to my employer sponsored health benefit. HR departments take note: this is the app that is going to bring your people to their feet…literally.” 

Bryan Elsesser – Senior Director, Sales Development, Aircall.io

Growing healthier companies together.

Interactive Pulse Surveys

Engaging wellness questions that get to the heart of your wellness needs.

Powerful Wellness Reporting

View your overall score, plus data from Key Metrics and individual questions in an easy-to-digest format.

Wellness solutions tailored for teams.

Compare and Benchmark

Compare scores with other similar sized companies, or against your industry to find out where you stand.

Custom Recommendations

Use our Wellness Playbooks to understand your team needs in real time.


Loved by Employees

Our digital platform gives your employees access to top brands, exclusive access and industry leading discounts.


Our Net Promoter Score is 79% (7x the industry average)

“LEON is a super easy-to-use app that lets me quickly book any workout class with friends and co-workers. It provides a description of the class so you know what you’re getting yourself into, and even includes a bunch of studios that aren’t on ClassPass. Would definitely recommend using the LEON app to find and book classes near you!“

Katie Prucnal – Digital Product Manager, Quip