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From private events, group fitness classes, on-site massages, to curated playbooks.


LEON helps you understand how your wellness benefits compares to similar companies.

Custom content and recommendations designed exclusively for your organization.

Determine which brands are winning your employees in the market and how they affect ROI.


Get rid of that old wellness playbook.

With LEON, an entire wellness ecosystem is your fingertips. Your account contains everything possible for you and your team to access, purchase and engage in employee wellness. Everything!

“Here’s an app that has actually transformed the way I think about my workout regimen. LEON has shown me a ton of new ideas for my workouts. Not to mention it seamlessly links to my employer sponsored health benefit. HR departments take note: this is the app that is going to bring your people to their feet…literally.”

Bryan Elsesser

Senior Director, Sales Development, Aircall.io


Companies change for the better when they work in LEON.

Tech companies, design firms, architects, attorneys, agencies, media companies, schools, and non-profits around the country have switched to LEON to fundamentally improve their teams health.

“The summer associate program we ran with LEON was an amazing success. Engagement rates were above 80%.”

Tim Levin

Philadelphia Office Managing Partner, Morgan Lewis

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Get your team motivated and stay that way with LEON.

There are no limits to how — and with whom — you use LEON. Use within your company or outside of it. Keep your usage data private, or allow your company and the world to see.

“LEON allows us to scale and understand wellness inititaves in ways that were never possible before.”


Vishal Vakharia

Director of Talent, JOOR


Don’t leave Slack. Drive wellness from it.

Integrate Slack to your LEON account for your employees to book fitness classes and engage in wellness with other team members.

LEON is a super easy-to-use app that lets me quickly book any workout class with friends and co-workers. It provides a description of the class so you know what you’re getting yourself into, and even includes a bunch of studios that aren’t on Class Pass 🙂 Would definitely recommend using the LEON app to find and book classes near you!

Katie Prucnal

Digital Product Manager, Quip

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LEON is a corporate wellness platform that focuses on creating a world where one’s workplace empowers them to lead a healthier life.

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