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LEON Insight is the Culture Amp alternative that makes understanding the health of your organization intelligent and automated.

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Culture Amp still follows the same old (broken) employee engagement playbook.

In the world of organizational health and employee engagement, one brand has ruled the roost when it comes to understanding how your employees feel, and that brand was Culture Amp. But with recent advancements in data science and technology, are you committed to running the same old employee engagement playbook? Unfortunately, that same playbook has created an environment where "engaged" employees turn over and burn out faster than ever.

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So what's the difference between LEON Insight and Culture Amp?

Culture Amp was a pioneer in employee engagement surveys. That said, you’re here because you are looking for an alternative. And the fact of the matter is that Culture Amp's business has always been dependent on providing an "employee experience that people love".

But, with
close to 80% of employees hating their job, and on average, one in four employees surveyed report experiencing burnout symptoms, maybe it's time for a new playbook in the world of employee engagement and organizational health? One that people will actually love.

Here at LEON, we’re building humankind’s healthiest and happiest generation of employees with the planet’s first-ever, Wellness Intelligence platform. It’s designed to not only flip that 80% number upside down but to sky-rocket output, too. Because, we’ve found that employees who are happier and healthier, tend to be a hell of a lot better at their jobs. 

A fundamentally different
survey experience.

Need more information? We get it. So the rest of the page is for you.

We sat down with a few of our top Performance Managers and our best customer success managers to help write this landing page and asked each of them:

"Hey, what would you say if you had to write an article breaking down the top reasons why people pick LEON Insight vs. Culture Amp?"

They gave us a handful of clear answers that should help you.

More than a survey - an intelligent, diagnostic framework.

Culture Amp was built to remove the holistic nature of employee engagement and only to look at engagement from a top-down view. A top-down view from where shareholders and investors reside. LEON's big hairy audacious goal is to super-power the people inside of companies and the companies they work at. Not because we don't care about the companies but because if we focus on improving the humans inside them, the companies will naturally become better as a side effect.

Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Deep integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Workday & Lattice

With LEON Insight, you can use data from Salesforce, Hubspot, Lattice, Workday, etc., to optimize your Insight data and to truly understand how organizational well-being impacts performance and productivity. In addition, our team of Performance Managers will work with you to understand your technology stack and company KPIs to help build a custom integration model to show a quantifiable ROI for organizational well-being.

Industry-leading diagnostic personalization.

Every company can send a survey to its people and sell it as robust data. But with LEON Insight, you can take things a step further than Culture Amp and send the right diagnostic survey, at the right time, to the right teams, based on previous responses. This AI-driven work-flow allows a diagnostic process where our team can work to dive deeper into any collected insights and provide you with a current, bespoke and ongoing data set.

Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Insight supports the entire cycle of performance.

LEON Insight is a tech-enabled service - not a cold dashboard where you login every six months to run "engagement" survey. As sustainable-people-growth experts, our team of Performance Managers work to provide you a product and service that smartly “does it for you.” So you can focus on your team, product, and customers.

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