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We recommend booking time with us during implementation to let us help train your managers on how to effectively coach through LEON. Let’s nail the onboarding experience together.

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Every LEON customer has access to our Customer Experience team who have helped 500+ organizations create a performance program they love. We believe that a successful experience with our platform starts with a successful onboarding process paired with continued support throughout your journey using LEON.

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When we say automation, we mean it. LEON turns your employee engagement program into a fully autonomous, constantly evolving change agent, built precisely for you. The steps below will help you understand how to get started.

Connect with our team of experts

Have a clear conversation to better understand goals and current engagement strategy.

Upload your roster of team players

Use our CSV tool or integrate with any of our HRIS providers, Slack, Teams or Gmail.

Launch your diagnostic survey

LEON Diagnostic is a fully automated process which is always running using machine learning to understand when, how, and who to survey next.

Intelligent, automated and always on.

The LEON team will present a 3rd party perspective after the first data set is collected. From there, our system will continuously enrich data as needed.

*Everybody is doing it. You should do it, too.

*We don’t condone giving into peer-pressure (unless giving into said peer-pressure can sculpt superb supervisors, groom talent and keep that groomed talent around for longer
Cindy Gordon
Cindy uses LEON to automate her entire employee engagement data model.
Bryan Elsesser
Bryan uses LEON to improve alignment within the SaaStr Sales team.
Sam Kuehnle
Sam on-boarded LEON to help mitigate burnout risk for his marketing team.
Bruno the Dog
Gong uses LEON to reduce SDR burnout risk and improve AE revenue performance.
Brad Wilkins
Brad used LEON at Loadsmart to improve his automated, employee engagement insights.
Jeff Reisley
Jeff uses LEON with all his consulting clients to better understand performance issues.

Accuracy, security, and reliability at our core.

In terms of security, we know how important protecting data is to our and your business, so we've implemented more than the industry standard when it comes to data products. These implementations range from not only encrypting data in transit and at rest, but also going through regular penetration testing and a whole host of physical, network, and app features to ensure we maintain a secure product. For a whole list of our practices and implementations, contact us.

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  • Employee Health Marketplace
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Everything you need to know about LEON Insight. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
How long does it really take to set up LEON?
We know that most reporting and analytics tools take developer time and customization to implement. We are not those tools. You simply upload your CSV or connect via our integrations and you are good to go. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup.
How do you make money? Are you seeling data?
We believe that giving you accurate people metrics is critical to your business and us partnering in a way that aligns to your goals. Our paid products focus on improving team performance and optimizing your wellbeing, so we do make money without selling data. Your data is yours, and is never sold, shared, or viewed.
Are diagnostic surveys anonymous?
Individual answers are never displayed; only aggregated results are presented in reports. You can pay to see non-anonymous data.
Does the LEON team support with onboarding?
We recommend booking time with us during implementation to let us help train your managers on how to effectively coach through LEON. Learn more.
What is LEON Perform?
The Perform plan is our paid plan that gives you access to specific features and services not available in LEON Insight. Visit here for more information.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime, just let us know!

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