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LEON Experts are performance managers, mental health experts, and well-being leaders who provide coaching services to customers enrolled in the LEON Perform plan.

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Win with smarter insights, real-time recommendations and industry leading expertise.

For over 10 years, we have tested and perfected our Wellness Intelligence® technology and diagnostic services in the world’s most competitive marketplaces. Clients such as Olympic organizations, Fortune 500 companies, fast-scaling start-ups, and leading management consultancies trust LEON on their path to performance.

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On-demand access to data-driven and customized team-based coaching.

Your managers will learn key coaching skills including the following: learn how to create a high-performance environment, set team objectives, motivate their team, and provide coaching and feedback that fosters growth.

Use data to understand a path to improvement

The LEON team will present a 3rd party perspective on wins and risks to your entire team so they walk away unified with clear action priorities.

Pick your very own team expert

Over 200 Expert organizational psychologists, performance coaches, and culture leaders to choose from.

Align on strategy and process

Our experts provide a blended learning solution, that combines online, and expert-led training designed to help managers think and act like coaches.

Train, coach and develop your leaders

From executives to frontline sales-leaders, we ensure access to LEON Experts for both executives and front-line managers.

Find and hire a LEON Expert using Insight® as your roadmap.

LEON Experts provide on-demand personalized team coaching to help supercharge your team performance with cohort based training, data analysis, and Playbook recommendations for HR leadership and front-line managers.

On-demand Experts, right when you need them.

Access coaches, therapists, peak performance experts, and more — unlocking the ability to reach goals faster and improve your Insight® metrics.

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Exclusive Expert access with your Perform® plan.

Promote high-performance among leadership and other core teams in your organization, built on LEON Insight® data and supported with Expert access and education. LEON Perform® gives your team the unique support they need to achieve their goals
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Guided by the best Experts in the world

Perform® is hyper-personalized and fundamentally human. Managers and employees gain access to our team of behavior-change experts, such as sleep and nutrition specialists, as well as cohort based education and learning opportunities.

Integrated into all facets of high performance.

Perform® helps managers and employees build the skills, mindsets, and behaviors needed to perform at their peak — both personally and professionally.

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What will your people work on?

A tailored approach to fit your goals based on LEON Insight®.


When leaders perform at their peak, that flows down through the entire organization.


Catch burnout before the fire. Improve mental health and fitness.


15% of your workforce is being led by new managers. We can help them.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Help your team really understand diversity and inclusion and how to create a more open environment.

Resilience & Change

Growth, strategy, culture, structure: change happens. Our coaches are here to help.

Sales Performance

Develop the key mindsets and behaviors that help sales teams perform.

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