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We’re on a mission to digitally transform the workplace and the people in it. But, we can’t do it alone. We work with partners who share our vision of delivering seamless, personalized digital engagement experiences that employees use and love.

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Collaborating to deliver best-in-class wellness solutions.

Our Marketplace partnerships expand our service offering capabilities and provide a direct path to next-generation technologies. When we work together, we create personalized wellness experiences that drive value for clients, employees and our mutual partners. Below are some of our featured partners:
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Connect with a licensed therapist from the palm of your hand, and experience the most convenient, affordable way to improve your mental health.

Work stress, sleep problems, relationship woes — we all deal with so much in our day-to-day lives.Luckily, there’s Headspace. With guided lessons on mindfulness, sleep, and simply remembering to breathe, it’s the everyday app for feeling better.

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Exos offers a range of solutions and support across mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery, enabling members to round out their efforts to reach their goals.

Hyperice provides products that have the power to unlock the potential within everyone. Helping everyone on earth move better, live better, and be better.

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Driving value through data-driven up-skilling.

We’re hyper-focused on future-proofing employee populations. We choose our coaching and learning partners based science, service, reliability and scalability. Join us.
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Campfire is an immersive manager development program that builds better leaders through a unique blend of connection, content, and community.

MasterClass is the streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by 150+ of the world’s best.

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Provide employees with job-based learning to develop the most impactful skills that support your company’s needs.

Collaborating to solve today’s biggest workforce problems.

We believe in a better work environment for all, so we work with trusted professional service firms to drive innovation and value. Together, we’re helping employers transform their employee experience, improve individual well-being, and to create sustainable and scalable organizations.
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As a consulting firm with expertise in analytics, digital, engineering, and cyber, BAH helps businesses, government, and military organizations transform.

Justworks is a platform that helps employers manage payroll, benefits, employee information, and employment-related compliance

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Everything you need to know about LEON Insight. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
How long does it really take to set up LEON?
We know that most employee engagement platforms take time and customization to implement. We are not those tools. You simply invite your employees, and we do the rest.
How many data points are you collecting?
LEON tracks over 28 individual and company metrics on an ongoing basis.
Are diagnostic surveys anonymous?
Individual answers are never displayed; only aggregated results are presented in reports. You can pay to see non-anonymous data.
Does the LEON team support with onboarding?
We recommend booking time with us during implementation to let us help train your managers on how to effectively coach through LEON. Learn more.
What is LEON Perform?
The Perform plan is our paid plan that gives you access to specific features and services not available in LEON Insight. Visit here for more information.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime, just let us know!

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Why we hacked virtual wellness events to improve morale, drive growth and reduce churn.

Today we’re launching a new tool within LEON — private wellness events...

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The ultimate performance technology stack for sales teams.

The Performance Technology Stack is a series of tools sales leaders use to manage high-performers.

Coinbase and how they super-power performance using this Playbook.

The team at Coinbase is built for high-performance.

Human "Capital" and how WeWork killed kombucha on tap.

Companies (probably companies you’ve worked for) approach “employee wellness” from two very different angles… culture and HR.