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As the only solution of its kind, Wellness Intelligence is an ever-evolving, always learning people performance algorithm that uncovers what’s happening in your people and teams so you can reduce turnover, elevate your high-performers and improve bottom-line revenue.

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Scientific, data-driven approach

Our database of diagnostic responses enables us to benchmark organizational and employee well-being and tie it directly to team performance. Combined with custom integrations and productivity measures, Insight helps organizations pinpoint opportunities to improve well-being and drive business success.

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Credit card mockups

Pioneers in people well-being

Fifteen years ago, we challenged ourselves to go beyond traditional components, like culture and engagement, and to measure organizational and people well-being in a more holistic way. 1,500+ clients and 3+ million data points later, we‘re doing just that.

Implementation expertise

As part of LEON’s global organization practice, we bring a deep understanding of your business and industry. Our experts work side-by-side with senior leaders from the world’s top organizations to turn analysis into lasting business impact.

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