Successful Product teams create alignment with LEON.

LEON provides automated, reliable, and absolutely accurate engagement and well-being reporting, so you can understand what's working (and what's not) when it comes to your teams.

  • Playbook Dashboard
  • Employee Health Marketplace
  • Team Check-Ins
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200+ teams and counting

You should always be able to go deeper and deeper on why you're growing (or not).

LEON provides turnkey, automated people reporting that's the most accurate and comprehensive on the market - all for free.

NPS®, Emojis etc. are a thing of the past

Go beyond basic employee satisfaction surveys and launch tailored diagnostic surveys to find new engagement opportunities.

Diagnostic Surveys: say goodbye to pulse

You never get a full picture of your employees with Pulse Surveys. Our intelligent Diagnostic Surveys will give you superpowers.

Reduced survey friction, better data

No log-in or password required. Answer any diagnostic survey in less than 2 minutes.

Only the right survey at the right time

Trigger the right follow up survey to the right employee based on previous responses.

You deserve a more comprehensive (and free) approach to understanding your team.

An approach that proactively engages, nudges and understands an individual employee’s feelings, perspectives and opinions about themselves, their work and their place of work.

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Understand performance without lifting a finger

Automated, personalized diagnostic surveys to collect data on on your most important growth lever- your people.

Survey with surgical level precision

Branching logic, scoring and answer half-lives that automatically enrich data as needed giving your employees a more personalized experience.

Quickly deliver actions that delight

Use your free insights to take action using Playbooks,The Marketplace, Coaching and Events.

We know performance inside out

Getting the most out of surveys for your team isn’t the easiest thing. That’s why we are here to help you every step of the way.