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for everyone.

LEON Perform® helps each person understand their feelings and why and equips them with the insights, services, playbooks, and support they need in the moments they need most.

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People performance & well-being management - at scale.

Over the course of either 3, 6 or 12 months, a dedicated team of experts will help you improve the key aspects of your life using benchmarked data collected by Insight®. This transformative support may include Playbook and Marketplace recommendations, platform events, education, and expert mentoring.

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The next generation of employee
engagement is now.

Perform® for employees is a comprehensive, and automated engagement solution that is redefining employee experience, productivity, and personal growth.

Understand your people using Insight®

We start by getting to know your employee better — using our automated, always-on, diagnostic survey.

Commit to action using recommendations

Once we know where each employee needs support, we provide personalized recommendations to guide employees towards impactful improvements.

Connect into the Perform® ecosystem

Each member has access to a team of performance experts, content and events to help them over any hurdle or obstacle they might be facing.

Benchmark and optimize

Assess how your employees are trending in performance, well-being, and overall employee experience, and benchmark against any provided recommendations.

Perform® Plus for employee populations.

In just 3-6 months, our team will work to diagnose your most important short-term goal using Insight® data, then devise a benefit plan of action using either our Platform Partners or any current benefit offered within your company EAP.
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Real-time benefit and strategy recommendations using your Insight® data.

Perform® is driven by our industry-leading Insight® diagnostic process and AI-technology, so your people get the right support at the right time. By connecting people to the services and strategies they actually need, we increase EAP utilization and reduce health care spend for your organization.

Perform® Path for employee populations.

Across 6-12 months, delivered and led by our multidisciplinary team of worldwide experts, our Perform® Path program was designed help you make behavioral changes that result in immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Evidence-based insights and education.

Using data-driven, evidence-based recommendations our team of Experts will work to build out a series of personalized playbooks and education, built specifically to super-power well-being and performance.

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Credit card mockups

Cohort based coaching and support.

Perform® is hyper-personalized and fundamentally human. Every employee has access to our team of behavior-change experts, such as sleep and nutrition specialists, as well as cohort based education and learning opportunities.

Team-based talks & workshops

Team events and workshops, hosted by some of todays top brands, raise awareness around better life and better performance, sparking motivation to create change on both an individual and team level. Available live and remote, globally.

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Everything you need to know about LEON Insight. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
How long does it really take to set up LEON?
We know that most employee engagement platforms take time and customization to implement. We are not those tools. You simply invite your employees, and we do the rest.
How many data points are you collecting?
LEON tracks over 28 individual and company metrics on an ongoing basis.
Are diagnostic surveys anonymous?
Individual answers are never displayed; only aggregated results are presented in reports. You can pay to see non-anonymous data.
Does the LEON team support with onboarding?
We recommend booking time with us during implementation to let us help train your managers on how to effectively coach through LEON. Learn more.
What is LEON Perform?
The Perform plan is our paid plan that gives you access to specific features and services not available in LEON Insight. Visit here for more information.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime, just let us know!

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Over 500 companies including KPMG, Gong, Refine Labs, and Morgan Lewis use LEON’s products to measure and automate engagement and well-being efforts. LEON’s Insight® product is an industry leading always on, always learning diagnostic tool. And Perform® is your go-to Wellness Intelligence® software and expertise.

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