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We’ve built the most dynamic people diagnostic tool on the market, by making a Wellness Intelligence® product that smartly “does it for you.” So you can focus on your team, product, and customers.

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The LEON Insight® Diagnostic Model

LEON Insight® is the technology backbone of LEON's data collection model. It combines world-leading intellectual property, and prescriptive insights, with expert support and training. This unique combination drives people & organizational growth– now, and in the future.
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Put intelligent insights and targeted actions on organizational health

Our Insight® health metrics are leading indicators of your organization’s ability to achieve sustained performance. It measures organizational and people health based on our six impactful proprietary organizational effectiveness insights and over twenty-eight individual leadership focuses.

Advanced analytics for better talent and business decisions

LEON Insight® compares the health of your organization to our database of 1,000+ organizations. It is an accurate predictor of your organization’s future performance potential.

Our data helps you identify which insights matter most for your organizational health journey, and then connects you with experts, services and playbooks built to improve organizational health outcomes.

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"The customization required to manage today's work force is more significant than ever and it would be silly to try to do it without a team like LEON."
Brad Wilkins
Chief People Officer, Braven.

What we measure with Insight

Every organization can be measured against the 6 most critical health outcomes. These outcomes comprise both the “soft” and “hard” elements of an organization’s ecosystem.

Culture & Climate

An indicator of cultural trust, and commitment to the mission and values of an organization.

Success & Alignment

An indicator of trust, communication, and relationships between managers and peers.

Workload & Capacity

An indicator of how ready a team is to take on additional work.


A measure of your team's attitude, physical health and overall mental state.


An indicator of passion within an organization, and its ability to anticipate and overcome change.


An indicator of an organization's ability to positively adapt to mental and physical stress

Insights and Playbooks built for success.

Get access to unprecedented insights about you, your people, and your business. Watch growth happen in real time and monitor the outcomes and progress that matter most.

One powerful, always evolving diagnostic

LEON Insight® compares the health of your organization to our database of 1,000+ organizations. It is an accurate predictor of your organization’s future performance potential.

Six impactful well-being outcomes

Every organization can be measured against the 6 most critical well-being insights. These outcomes comprise a holistic view of an organization’s ecosystem.

Twenty-eight leadership focuses

LEON Insight® not only measures where you are now, but helps you determine what to do next. Our leadership focuses help you identify which behaviors matter most for your organizational well-being journey, and select a playbook for success to pursue them.
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For over 10 years, we have tested and perfected our technology and diagnostic services in the world’s most competitive marketplaces. Clients such as Olympic organizations, Fortune 500 companies, fast-scaling start-ups, and leading management consultancies trust LEON on their path to performance.

Scientific, data-driven approach

LEON Insight® provides leaders with a detailed picture of their organizations’ health compared to peers. With over 1 million data points across industries, it offers an industry standard to measure and manage organizational performance and well-being.
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Credit card mockups

Pioneers in organizational health

The LEON Insight® Diagnostic and benchmarking data explain up to 28 different performance and people metrics within companies. This helps leaders analyze the impact of company practices and culture on performance and create an implementation roadmap to improve it.

Implementation expertise

As part of LEON's organization practice, we bring a deep understanding of your business and industry. Our experts work side-by-side with senior leaders from the world’s top organizations to turn analysis into lasting business impact.
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Understand how we impact organizational health at high-performing organizations.

Sweeping levels of change and disruption require new thinking and transformative approaches to your growth. From attrition to purpose, people insights to benefits, leadership to well-being, we bring the software and expertise needed to uncover and realize transformative opportunities.

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Dedicated wellness expertise each step of the way.

Our group of industry experts work with you and are on call for any and all support questions - from burnout and mental health to culture and engagement. We've seen it all.

  • Dedicated Team of LEON Experts
  • Integration with top SaaS platforms
  • Custom Playbook creation