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We’ve built the most dynamic people diagnostic tool on the market, by making a Wellness Intelligence® product that smartly “does it for you.” So you can focus on your team, product, and customers.

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An always on, always learning diagnostic tool like never before.

LEON Insight® takes an holistic approach to employee well-being and engagement. Our unique diagnostic survey consists of twenty five questions, over three minutes, assessing twenty eight individual and company metrics. From there, our system continuously enriches data as needed, while providing contextual and data-driven recommendations and services to you and your people.  

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Built for small teams, large business functions and entire organizations.

Get access to unprecedented insights about you, your people, and your business. Watch growth happen in real time and monitor the outcomes and progress that matter most.

For CEO/Founders

Industry leading CEOs drive smart growth with LEON Insight.

For Revenue teams

Successful Revenue teams drive performance with LEON Insight.

For People teams

High-impact People leaders drive retention with LEON Insight.

For Employees

Happy and healthy employees use LEON to improve well-being.

Advanced, accurate and automated people diagnostic metrics for free.

We provide comprehensive people reporting and analytics - in less than 3 minutes a minutes a month - to help you understand where you’re great and where you’re not.

Intelligent employee insights in real-time.

Measure key engagement and well-being statistics over time, including sleep, mental health, capacity, resourcing, and teamwork.
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You deserve a more automated approach to understanding your people.

An approach that proactively engages, nudges and understands an individual employee’s feelings, perspectives and opinions about themselves, their work and their place of work - for free.

NPS®, Emojis etc. are a thing of the past

Go beyond basic employee satisfaction surveys and launch tailored diagnostic surveys to find new engagement opportunities.

Intelligent, automated and always on.

LEON turns your employee engagement program into a fully autonomous, constantly evolving change agent, built precisely for you.

Reduced survey friction, better data

No log-in or password required. Answer any diagnostic survey in less than 5 minutes.

Only the right survey at the right time

LEON triggers the right follow up Diagnostic Survey to the right employee based on previous responses.

Connect the tools you use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.

We know performance inside out

Getting the most out of surveys for your team isn’t the easiest thing. That’s why we are here to help you every step of the way.

Have questions on getting stared?

Learn more about onboarding Insight® at your company.
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Insight® Plus integrates with Hubspot and Salesforce.

Get deeper insight into your revenue and productivity - track and compare CRM data against your Insight® metrics.

Understand turnover and your top performers like never before.

Get ahead of attrition and keep your top players – our algorithms combine engagement and performance data to show you who’s at risk of leaving, and who is primed to perform.
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Drive wellbeing without lifting a finger

Automated, personalized diagnostic surveys to collect data on your most important growth lever- your people.

Survey with surgical level precision

Branching logic, scoring and answer half-lives that automatically enrich data as needed giving your employees a more personalized experience.

Quickly deliver actions that delight

Use your free insights to take action using Playbooks, The Marketplace, Coaching and Events.


Everything you need to know about LEON Insight. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
How long does it really take to set up LEON?
We know that most employee engagement platforms take time and customization to implement. We are not those tools. You simply invite your employees, and we do the rest.
How many data points are you collecting?
LEON tracks over 28 individual and company metrics on an ongoing basis.
Are diagnostic surveys anonymous?
Individual answers are never displayed; only aggregated results are presented in reports. You can pay to see non-anonymous data.
Does the LEON team support with onboarding?
We recommend booking time with us during implementation to let us help train your managers on how to effectively coach through LEON. Learn more.
What is LEON Perform?
The Perform plan is our paid plan that gives you access to specific features and services not available in LEON Insight. Visit here for more information.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime, just let us know!

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Announcing LEON Insight®: The survey product that smartly “does it for you.”

We’ve built the most dynamic people diagnostic tool on the market, by making a survey product that smartly “does it for you.” So you can focus on your team, product, and customers.

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Dedicated wellness expertise each step of the way.

Our group of industry experts work with you and are on call for any and all support questions - from burnout and mental health to culture and engagement. We've seen it all.

  • Dedicated Team of LEON Experts
  • Integration with top SaaS platforms
  • Custom Playbook creation