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Talk to your damn customers!

Use this Playbook to gain empathy and increase job satisfaction by talking to your customers.

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Playbooks are tried-and-true tactics to help transform managers into world-class coaches. Playbooks range from strategies to reduce burnout and improve mental health, to exercises to maximize team grit and alignment, and everything in between.
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About this Playbook

Spending time working and learning "in the trenches" is one of the defining characteristics of teams with a high level of grit. To succeed as a business you not only have to show up everyday, but you need to deeply understand your customers.

Often there can be gaps between ideas as imagined by the team and reality of executing those programs as they're actually implemented. By spending time executing alongside your team and managing challenges directly with customers or clients, you build resilience and strength across your team.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Talking to your customers is one of the greater ways to increase resiliency in an organization. Let's schedule a day and start and end time where we as a team can make direct calls to our customers and clients. We can create a script and a list of questions that each team member can ask.


Team Leads! Talk to your customer success team to gather a list of current clients, or provide access to your company CRM.

We will be designating a list of clients to each team member. If a customer already has a relationship with a specific team member, we will make sure to separate them out.

We'll provide you with a script and list of questions.

Start dialing!


Remember, these conversations are supposed to be fluid and fun, so make sure to keep it light and easy.

Make sure to enter any important feedback into a shared file.

At the end of the day, we can debrief on overall findings, and see how we can use this new information to better our product or process.

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