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Run a High-low week

Use this playbook to run your schedule like a high performer.

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About this Playbook

Nervous system fatigue is real, and throughout the week we tend to see an increase in both cognitive fatigue and output as stress adds up. So taking a page from Sports Science, let's use the concept of "high and low" to hack performance!

By breaking your week into high stress days and low stress days, you are allowing your system to recharge, while still maximizing output and hitting all your goals.

This is why a lot of workout programs have cardio done on non-lifting days. It lets athletes hit their big lifts on strength days while still pushing themselves in their cardio.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Start by taking a look at your schedule and start learning the overall flow. Do you notice that Mondays are fairly light, while Tuesdays you tend to get slammed?

If so, that can be our starting point. Next, write down all the activities or tasks you do on a weekly basis and bucket them into either high stress or low stress.


Now that we have your schedule and your "stress buckets" let's start designing our week into high stress days and low stress days.


Starting when you can, give this new schedule a try and see if it works with your company and role.

Pro Tip

If you really want to get crazy, you could also schedule your hard workouts, or even a night out with friends on your high stress day. This can really help you maximize recovery.

Next Steps

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