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User recovery modalities to drive personal recovery

Use this Playbook to find a recovery strategy that works for you.

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About this Playbook

Sometimes when trending towards burnout, a little bit of a positive stressor is exactly what you need to start the recovery process. Elite athletes use recovery tools such as massage, sauna, cold showers, etc. to recover faster. Pick one today to try and see how you feel.

Massages tend to be a fan favorite, but we're partial to a cold shower in the dark with some nice smelling candles ourselves.

Let us know what works best for you!

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

When your body and mind is starting to fatigue, sometimes a positive stress can aid in recovery.

We recommend 15 minutes of either moderate exercise, massage, sauna or even some yoga.

Pick one or even a few to build into your daily habit.


Have a plan, and make sure to schedule it into your day.


Remember, this Playbook is designed for recovery, not fitness, so make sure to keep it at 15 minutes per day.

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