The evolution of employee engagement starts now — with Playbooks by Leon.

Today we’re introducing Playbooks — the next generation of team performance and well-being.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

We believe smart recommendations will transform the way that businesses support their teams. Machine learning-based systems are already enabling customer support teams and sales teams to grow more efficiently. But until now, intelligent systems have stopped short of truly helping teams scale faster and smarter while reducing the cost to our most valuable asset; our entire people team.

Building on the Leon Performance Index and Growth Windows framework, Playbooks move beyond reporting generic employee engagement data. When an employee answers a series of survey questions in the Performance Index, Playbooks do so much more than share some data to a dashboard. The leader gets an immediate recommendation to best support his or her team within the constructs of the Leon Performance scoring methodology.

Leon is already primed to be an industry leader for employee engagement, and with Playbooks, our Platform is now even more powerful.

Leaders want solutions, not just data.

Every team leader knows the faster you can support your employees with an engagement or leadership issue, the happier everyone will be. But too often, team leaders rely on faulty survey data, done every 6 months, and at the end, are stuck asking “what now”?

With Playbooks, we provide real solutions to employees’ problems right when you need them. Imagine this: Using our Performance Index, Leon provides you a Growth Window that your Product Team and Sales Team are currently at high risk of burnout. Instead of emailing HR and setting a meeting to discuss how to best help your team, a Playbook is automagically recommended to you to implement a “4 Day Work Week” for the next 45 days, and better yet, you can start the Playbook, and communicate it to your teams, in one click of a button, directly through the Leon Platform.

Playbooks have the ability to drive massive efficiency gains for companies of all sizes. Because it’s always on, learning, and collecting feedback, Playbooks enable leaders to deliver personal, real-time people solutions at a global scale.

3 real-time metrics to drive instant happiness

Playbooks are more than just recommendations, they are data-driven, smart, and built for growth. Here are some examples of ways you can use Playbooks to help your team:

End employee burnout for good. Finally!

These days, the last thing that employees are willing to do is to tell you they are burning out. In fact, a survey from Deloitte found that, when it comes to burnout, 77% of employees have experienced burnout at their current job. Have 77% of your employees told you that they are experiencing burnout? And more importantly, even if they did, what would you do about it?

With Playbooks, the solution is right there. Using the Peformance Index to quantify the data and Growth Windows to tell you how teams are trending, a series of Playbook Events and Activities are recommended for you to choose — from implementing a 4 day work week, reducing hours, to eliminating meetings altogether, our Playbooks have been tested, validated and proven to work just for you. All you have to do is turn it on.

Re-align on company value and mission.

It’s a no-brainer that employees want to believe in the company they work for. And as you know, alignment on mission is key to building a gritty and adaptable organization.

With Playbooks, we use the Leon Performance Index to assess team grit, and based on your score, we will provide you a recommendation on how to Support less than great team alignment, but more importantly, how to Challenge it when the scores are amazing.

Boost your teams' performance with Playbooks.

When it comes to surveys and team performance, it’s not all doom and gloom. We’re taking the guesswork out of answering the question, how ready is my team to perform?

With Growth Windows, we not only tell you which teams are in need of support, but we also tell you which teams are primed for growth. So, when our system learns that your Marketing or Success team is fully recovered in either Health, Performance, or Culture, we will recommend Playbooks designed not only to “dial things back”, but to push harder and break through to new territory. And don’t worry, we will be right there learning as you go, predicting when to slow it down a bit.

Get started with Playbooks today

We know great leadership involves a lot more than just running a random people survey. It means learning in real-time the best way to support or challenge your team. So, we built Playbooks to do just that — delivering immediate solutions to your leaders and immediate support to your employees. This is just the beginning of Playbooks by Leon.

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