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Distribute out key portions of your role to team members

Use this playbook to share the responsibility of leadership with your team and improve organizational grit.

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Playbooks are tried-and-true tactics to help transform managers into world-class coaches. Playbooks range from strategies to reduce burnout and improve mental health, to exercises to maximize team grit and alignment, and everything in between.
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About this Playbook

The Ikea effect refers to valuing an object more because you had a hand in its creation. For instance, in one lab experiment, participants randomly assigned to build an IKEA storage box were subsequently willing to pay a 63% premium to take it home compared to those given the chance to buy an identical pre assembled box.

Use this Playbook to distribute out key portions of your position, and allow your people to take on a labor of love of a product or process they can call their own.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Use your LEON Growth Window to make sure your team has a high resilience score. Playbooks such as this require a team be highly resilient to handle the added stress.

2 weeks in advance, pick two team members to take on a specific responsibility within your role of leadership.

If you are in sales, this could be running team one on ones. If you're in product or development, this could be handling the daily team stand-up.


Allow the chosen team members time to prepare, and provide them with any necessary templates or strategies to better support and educate on the task.


The Playbook should run for a total of 30 days, with 2 weeks prep time and 2 weeks running the Playbook.

Remember the goal is to push your team, to grow personally and as professionals. So make sure to take advantage of this window of growth.

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Not sure if this is the right Playbook for your team? With LEON, our algorithm recommends exactly the right Playbook, at the right time, to the right team, to be more effective and drive well-being and performance.‍‍

These Playbooks range from adjusting workload and schedules, to exercises for improving team grit and alignment, and everything in between.

No matter how your team is scoring, we’ll provide data-driven recommendations to support their most pressing needs.

To better support and drive performance in your team, try running this Playbook with LEON. It's free to start and you can launch to your entire team in minutes.

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