The Burnout tool for Sales Leaders

The Burnout tool for Sales Leaders

Understanding and actioning on team well-being is the key to a happier, higher performing sales organization.

This Burnout Tool for Sales Leaders gives sales leadership a simple and scalable tool to better understand how your team is feeling at this current moment.

Once you have this data, and somewhat of a trend over time, you can strategize to either support or challenge your team better Playbook Playlist template included in the download.

How you will benefit from using this tool:

Smarter Sales Management
Understand which teams need support, and which teams can be pushed harder.

Better Goals and OKRs
Stop flying blind, and learn how hard you can really push your team. Wellness Intelligence opens up insights that were never available before.

End Team Burnout
By understanding fatigue and stress, you can better prescribe goals to your team, without burning your team out.

From Manager to Coach
A company is only as good as its managers and this is why LEON exists: to transform managers into world-class coaches.

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