We believe understanding your people is a growth imperative.

We'll never tax you for doing the right thing. Insight is free forever - no matter your size.

LEON Insight®

free diagnostic
Automated, accurate engagement reporting.
$0 /mth
All the engagement and well-being insights you need - absolutely accurate and 100% free.
Well-being, engagement, and performance trends
Benchmarks from 8k+ companies
Unlimited departments, teams and users
5-minute setup (It's super easy)
Manager & executive dashboards
World class support - most answers within 24 hours
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Insight® Plus

pricing starts at
Predictive, integrated insights and data.
$500 /mth
While Insight® is completely free, we offer a paid plan called Insight® Plus to help enhance your experience with engagement automation.
Turnover prediction analysis
High-impact player modeling
Industry focused Diagnostic Surveys, including: HRA's, Sales readiness etc.
Custom performance trend integrations: Salesforce, Hubspot, Asana etc.
Includes access to Campfire leadership development sessions for managers.
Individual employee metrics and dashboard
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Discover your people problems for free. Scale smarter with our service based products.

Discover your people problems for free. Scale smarter with our paid products and add-on services.

LEON Perform®

based on company size
The industry leading software and team to get your company's performance on the right track.
Includes all products and add-ons.
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Everything in our Insight® products, plus...
Organizational and team based Playbook recommendations
Dedicated performance team, including strategic planning & mobilization.
Organizational and team based Marketplace recommendations
Proprietary methodology and software
Individual contributor growth & health sessions
Live manager coaching with LEON Experts
Includes access to specific partnership offerings and services
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LEON Marketplace

only pay for usage
Powered by data intelligence and backed by experts, we buy and renew all of your wellness benefit subscriptions.
10% of spend
Zero upfront cost - You pay based on usage.
Guaranteed savings up to 50% on subscriptions
Better terms - We take care of the fine print
Gain access to leading brands and services, including Headspace, Whoop, Betterup etc.
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LEON has partnered with Campfire, an immersive manager development program that builds
better leaders through a unique blend of connection, content, and community.
$100 manager/mth
Impactful, affordable manager training
Sessions that fit your unique needs
Peer mentorship
Fun, interactive content
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LEON has partnered with Spot which helps tech companies create a culture of
walking meetings to impact wellness, productivity, and employee satisfaction.
$45 team/mth
Create a culture of walking meetings to impact wellness
Transcribe conversations. Take notes. Highlight follow-ups.
Reduce Zoom fatigue, improve productivity.
Build happy and healthy teams.
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Why is the highest rated, most accurate product in the market free?

To put it simply - free is just good business when the product is better than the paid alternatives. When we provide value by giving you robust, accurate engagement and well-being metrics for free, you'll hear us out on how we can improve your people or company with our paid products.

Free doesn't mean bad

LEON is smarter and more accurate than the competition.

We align to your success

Our paid products are validated by the use of our free product. Any paid product you buy, will be directly aligned with performance.

You are not the product

Your data is never sold, shared, or even viewed - we aren't Meta or Google.

We're the best at what we do

With over 15 years in actual high-performance, our team lives and breathes this stuff.

Accuracy, security, and reliability at our core.

In terms of security, we know how important protecting data is to our and your business, so we've implemented more than the industry standard when it comes to data products. These implementations range from not only encrypting data in transit and at rest, but also going through regular penetration testing and a whole host of physical, network, and app features to ensure we maintain a secure product. For a whole list of our practices and implementations, contact us.

  • Playbook Dashboard
  • Employee Health Marketplace
  • Team Check-Ins


Everything you need to know about LEON Insight. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our friendly team.
How long does it really take to set up LEON?
We know that most reporting and analytics tools take developer time and customization to implement. We are not those tools. You simply upload your CSV or connect via our integrations and you are good to go. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up.
How do you make money? Are you selling data?
We believe that giving you accurate people metrics is critical to your business and us partnering in a way that aligns to your goals. Our paid products focus on improving team performance and optimizing your well-being, so we do make money without selling data. Your data is yours, and is never sold, shared, or viewed.
Are diagnostic surveys anonymous?
Individual answers are never displayed; only aggregated results are presented in reports. You can pay to see non-anonymous data.
Does the LEON team support with onboarding?
We recommend booking time with us during implementation to let us help train your managers on how to effectively coach through LEON. Learn more.
What is LEON Perform?
The Perform plan is our paid plan that gives you access to specific features and services not available in LEON Insight. Visit here for more information.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime, just let us know!

*Everybody is doing it. You should do it, too.

*We don’t condone giving into peer-pressure (unless giving into said peer-pressure can sculpt superb supervisors, groom talent and keep that groomed talent around for longer
Cindy Gordon
Cindy uses LEON to automate her entire employee engagement data model.
Bryan Elsesser
Bryan uses LEON to improve alignment within the SaaStr Sales team.
Sam Kuehnle
Sam on-boarded LEON to help mitigate burnout risk for his marketing team.
Bruno the Dog
Gong uses LEON to reduce SDR burnout risk and improve AE revenue performance.
Brad Wilkins
Brad used LEON at Loadsmart to improve his automated, employee engagement insights.
Jeff Reisley
Jeff uses LEON with all his consulting clients to better understand performance issues.

Dedicated wellness expertise each step of the way

Our group of industry experts work with you and are on call for any and all subscription growth questions - from acquisition and pricing to retention and engagement. We've seen it all.

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