Announcing a powerful new feature to drive employee engagement: Growth Windows by Leon.

Find the signal in the noisy world of employee engagement.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

So, HR teams should know more about their people's overall well-being than ever before, right? They should be able to use all of this “engagement” data to offer more personal, tailored people experiences and effective support, surely?

Well, it’s not quite that simple — despite the influx of unicorn engagement tools, it can be hard to derive meaningful insights from all that data. Identifying the right insights, at the right time, for the right team, is key to company performance, but it’s a huge challenge to find the signal in the noise.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce Growth Windows for People Teams, the evolution of employee engagement, which is designed to help you find the signal and surface the most valuable insights when you need it — right away.

Find meaningful team insights fast with Growth Windows.

Scaling a personalized approach to company support and performance requires clear, actionable insights — it is this knowledge that allows you to identify patterns in your teams' well-being, as well as get a picture of how “ready” your team is to perform.

However, identifying those trends and spotting those patterns in the sea of slack bots, pulse questionnaires, and your 6-month “engagement” survey can be extremely laborious, not to mention imprecise, slow, and almost completely useless when it comes to issues such as team burnout and resiliency. In short, your employee engagement platform is giving you data that is both late to the party, and not actionable.

Growth Windows, powered by the Leon Performance Index changes all that — now, you can understand the exact teams which are in need of proactive support and the teams that can be challenged or pushed harder, almost on a daily basis. Growth Windows helps you understand how “ready” your company is to perform, today and in the future!

What’s more, Growth Windows also uses powerful machine-learning analysis of your team data to generate suggested Playbooks for you to explore, ensuring that you can drive performance and well-being, without limiting growth in the long run.

The potential for Growth Windows to drive growth in high-performance companies is obvious — now, you can clearly see which teams are in need of support or can be challenged, in real-time, with actionable insights.

Are you seeing how useless that engagement survey is now?

Drive informed HR decisions with Leon.

Actionable data matters and we want to provide HR leaders like you, people data that helps you make better decisions regarding the performance and well-being of your entire organization.

This makes it the perfect tool for:

Understand team well-being: Growth Windows give you a predictive snapshot of which teams are at high risk of burnout, and which teams are primed for performance on a weekly basis. This data allows you to make almost daily decisions on how you influence front-line leaders, which support resources you decide to offer, and how you strategize to improve.

Assessing and improving company alignment: Mission, values, diversity, it all matters. Growth Windows can tell you which teams are aligned and how relationships with managers and peers are driving your organizational culture.

Living and breathing engagement data: Growth Windows help your engagement data live and breathe just like your people. With Leon, our Performance Index is always on, learning and collecting feedback, Growth Windows allows HR leaders to make personal, real-time performance decisions at a global scale.

Find the signal in the noisy world of employee engagement.

Growth Windows is truly a powerful new feature to help HR Leaders boost support and performance, in a remote world, where real-time decisions are necessary.

This new feature dramatically increases the level of insight you have on your people, while also being faster and easier to access than ever before. Growth Windows will greatly increase your ability to get the right insights at the right time, to the right teams— supercharging your people team support while freeing up your time and budget from the legacy employee engagement platforms.

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