Where is the Kool-aid?

Jim Jones ain't got nothing on a LinkedIn mental health influencer.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

Managing company well-being today is akin to joining your favorite backcountry cult, led by some crazy-eyed megalomaniac, who somehow figured out the power of LinkedIn and webinars.

Tribes with monthly memberships, who slowly erode our critical thinking, and turn us into a cult of "hustle culture is the devil" and "meditation and 4 day work weeks are the messiah, beamed down from a purple space dragon".

Much like the fitness industry of today, cults of Flat Tummy Tea believers and Instagram snake oil salesman liter our feeds with hopes and dreams of a better life.

A peaceful life, filled with flowery white robes and no sales quotas.

A life of shock therapy-induced gratitude mantras led by a "Buddhist sales manager" or that previous monk from Headspace with the sultry voice.

There is no white-haired savior, in the form of an iOS app, that will save the mental health of your people.

And I'm damn sure isn't a HR Guru, masquerading as Jim Jones with a Slack community, that will provide salvation from the clutches of Baphomet (also known as stress).

The one and only lord and savior of employee well-being are us.


Managers who become leaders.

Managers who become coaches.

Managers who understand that we have the ability to both give and take away stress as needed.

Managers who have the power to adjust OKR's, give a day off, or have an honest, open, and caring conversation about the thoughts and feelings of our charges.

Managers who have the fortitude to step up and do what's right for their teams. No matter what.

Stop joining cults. Build better managers.

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