Announcing the Leon Performance Index— the smartest way to drive high performance in teams.

Deeply understand your team with The Leon Performance Index

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

Running a successful company depends on making the right strategic decision, at the right time, and in the right place. Getting this strategy right, however, requires careful game planning, with every step considered and planned. Whether it’s building your product roadmap, planning out fundraising goals, or structuring your team OKR’s, making the correct decision on how fast to scale and how aggressive to push your team requires a powerful, intuitive decision-making system. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce the Leon Performance Index.

The Leon Performance Index is a brand new way to understand the “readiness” of your team to perform. It’s a powerful, highly intuitive sentiment analysis framework that enables leaders and managers to make better decisions regarding the Health, Resilience, and Culture of their organization and individual teams.

It harnesses the power of expertly timed and intuitive pulse surveys, to gather a full understanding of both how your team is feeling in real-time, their level of resiliency, and their commitment to the goals and mission of your organization.

Understand how prepared your team is to grow using our three main performance metrics:

Leon Health Index: Understand short-term burnout risk and overall team happiness and utilize these metrics to drive conversations around well-being.

Leon Resilience Index: Understand overall organizational grit and adaptability, while using this medium-term metric to drive passion and commitment in your company.

Leon Culture Index: Understand cultural trust and diversity while using this long-term metric to drive alignment to company values and mission.

The possibilities are endless — there’s nothing else in the market that allows for your people data to be as cohesive, contextual, and most importantly, actionable as Leon Index.

Deeply understand your team with The Leon Performance Index

At Leon, we have long focused on the idea that for the “future of work” to change for the better, a massive shift would need to take place in how we look at employee well-being. A few years ago, we created the concept of the Leon Performance Index for real-time and actionable employee engagement solutions — while it took some time to fine-tune our algorithm, we knew from our customers that it was really powerful for driving positive business outcomes.

Leon is a constantly evolving platform, however, with increasing predictive capabilities and an expanding array of features, such as Growth Windows and Playbooks. With all this extra power and flexibility, it became clear we needed to reimagine the way you utilize employee sentiment data, so we rebuilt it from the ground up!

The result is The Leon Performance Index— a powerful, highly intuitive system designed to support the smartest organizations, with the biggest goals.

And now, with the combined power of The Leon Performance Index, Growth Windows, and Playbooks you can gather insights into employee readiness, understand the exact teams which are in need of proactive support, and most importantly, access to real-time solutions for your leaders and their teams.

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