Get personal: Say hello to Growth Windows for sales teams.

When you work in revenue operations, managing your people with performance-based analytics is a given. But how do you go about understanding the human side of sales performance?

Running a sales team properly depends on making the right leadership decision, at the right time, and in the right place. Getting this decision correct, however, requires careful game planning, with every step considered and planned. Whether it’s building out OKR’s, structuring out your sales enablement process, or understanding how to grow your key performers, making the correct decision on how fast to scale and how aggressive to push your team requires a powerful, intuitive decision-making system.

Typical sales leadership decisions are usually made with performance metrics or some combination of subjective feedback, i.e. surveys or team “pulse”. All of these tactics work well to initially understand your team on a base level, but neither provide enough real-time and objective data to make impactful decisions.

I mean, let’s be honest. In the world of sales, that every 6-month “engagement” survey has almost zero value when it comes to driving revenue day in and day out.

As a sales leader, you don’t need data after the fact. After the fact data is a lost opportunity to properly support your team, especially when these teams, are the lifeblood of your sales function.

Growth Windows by Leon

Actionable data matters and we want to provide sales leaders like you, people data that helps you make better decisions regarding the performance of your sales teams. Growth Windows are the easiest, most intelligent way of assessing how ready your team is to perform, and more importantly the “cost” of that performance.

Using our Leon Performance Index, Growth Windows gives you the ability to not only understand who needs support but also, which key performance metric is affecting or driving performance. Using this data as your guide, you are able to make better decisions when it matters. And that’s today.

This makes it the perfect tool for:

Understand team well-being: Growth Windows give you a predictive snapshot of which sales teams are at high risk of burnout, and which teams are primed for performance on a weekly basis. This data allows you to make decisions on almost a daily basis of both how you manage your teams and how you distribute the workload.

Assessing and improving company alignment: Mission, values, diversity, it all matters. Growth Windows can tell you which teams are aligned and which teams are in need of leadership in real-time.

Living and breathing OKR’s: Growth Windows help your OKR’s live and breathe just like your people. The value of understanding the human metrics of performance allows you the opportunity to make real-time adjustments to team OKR’s, and more importantly, a KPI that is justifiable and backed by research.

Grow faster, with Growth Windows.

Gone are the days of leading sales teams blind. With Growth Windows and other features such as the Leon Performance Index and Playbooks, Leon is packed with powerful tools and features, designed for today’s high growth and remote sales teams!

Growth Windows empowers you to lead with the most real-time, actionable insights today, and we’re excited to see the impact they have on the relationships with your employees, and on your business.

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