LEON: Serving fat f*cking promotions 24/7

Without LEON your “culture” feels like a bad sitcom.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

The essence of performance management is adjusting goals and leadership strategies based on the actual status of your people.

We know the team objectives and the overall revenue goals because that is set by leadership and the roadmap of the company.

This is a constant.

But the missing link of leadership is the actual status of your team to perform.

For example: is the planned goal or focus optimal, or too aggressive or not enough, or is this the best time to release that new feature or raise that round.

We don’t know, and we mostly find out when it is too late, your team burns out, motivation decreases, while you steadily slide back towards that down round.

So that is why we try to assess the “employee engagement” of our teams on the HR level.

We observe, ask, listen or sometimes we do a company-wide survey to understand things.

This is a mistake.

Your 6-month engagement survey will never allow us to get an adequate picture of your team to perform right now.

And more importantly, the actions we tend to take with this data, are slow, imprecise, and full of faulty assumptions that your “one size fits all” strategy will work for every team in your org.

What we need to do is remove “employee engagement” from the clutches of HR.

Allow team managers to drive change and turn your engagement data into a performance tool.

We love HR, but it is impossible for them to drive real-time, leadership strategies on a bespoke level.

Let’s give HR back the freedom to focus on organizational change, while you as a sales/product/marketing leader, drive performance and well-being.

This is what LEON does.

We give freedom to HR, we empower leaders to lead, all while protecting the most valuable part of this entire thing; people.

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