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Rip the band-aid off

Use this playbook to front load your week. Try to make Mondays your "highest effort" day for the week and see how that helps the rest of your days feel less taxing.

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About this Playbook

Sometimes getting your highest stress activity done after your most recent recovery (the weekend) sets you up for a stronger rest of the week. This method can also change our relationship with stress and train individuals to really embrace it as something to be achieved rather than dreaded.Anyone who has partaken in "the polar bear swim club" is familiar with that icy, cold moment of reflection as your body submerges in the water.

What we're doing is accepting that a specific stress is going to occur, and tackling it head on to get it out of the way quickly.

Oftentimes we fear stress more than it actually ends up affecting us, so teams that invite these sorts of challenges tend to perform at a higher level.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Think about which of your job tasks are the most stressful for you. Plan your week so that you slowly reduce the amount of stress stimulus day by day.


A good example for a sales role would be having Monday and Tuesday for cold calling (high stress), Wednesday and Thursday be for emails and social (medium stress), and Friday be an admin day to set up the following week (low stress).


Monday morning try to come out the gate fast.

Managers: Check in midweek to see how everyone is doing. When asking people to "work harder", it's critical that they feel supported or you risk a breakdown of trust.

End the week connecting with your team to share how things went. Ideally you're a bit drained but have a relaxing Friday to ease into the weekend.

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