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My my, how the tables have turned

Use this playbook to take control of your own wellness.

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About this Playbook

Things are going great and our team has earned the chance to take this month into our own hands. Schedule a time to discuss what the team thinks would be a fun initiative. This gives the team the chance to develop a sense of ownership and opportunity to get creative with our own wellness.

Ideally people will develop their own wellness habits outside of and in addition to LEON's suggestions over time.

While people are at their best (like they are now), this is an excellent opportunity to explore what ways we can add health & wellness practices into our own routines.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Gather with your team and celebrate having a great Happiness score!

Brainstorm and organize your own wellness event.

Managers should consider what resources they may contribute to these efforts ahead of time as well.


Plan out your activity or event to ensure success.


Enjoy a sense of ownership over your own wellness. Nothing is stopping you from doing this as often as you see fit.

Pro Tip
Next Steps

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These Playbooks range from adjusting workload and schedules, to exercises for improving team grit and alignment, and everything in between.

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