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Peak Week is here!

Use this playbook to leverage your physiological state for a maximum effort week.

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About this Playbook

What's so cool about peaking performance is this is literally the time you put all your previous effort to the test. By being suggested this playbook in the first place, it means your team is physiologically prepared to push their limits.

Professional bodybuilders call their final week before a competition "peak week". This is where everything comes together leading up to the big day - where you squeeze every ounce of effort out to try to win.

This is all about giving everything that you've got, because on the other side we get to recover properly and ease you back out.

Trust us, this is going to be awesome.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Your hard work has paid off and they are physiologically prepared to perform at your peak.


Discuss goals as a team for a max effort week so that everyone knows what to expect. Set clear goals which should be achievable but challenging.


Don't micromanage this week; give people space to perform and see what happens. Regroup with your team the following week to see how things felt.

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