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Optimus Prime

Use this playbook to prime yourself daily for performance.

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About this Playbook

Our founder, Bryan comes from a professional sports background, and before games, they used a concept called "CNS Priming" to increase performance.

What they showed is that you can use explosive movements, along with gaming (yes XBox) and other problem solving stimulus, prior to a competition to increase ball tracking ability, on-field decision making, and strategy concepts in professional soccer players.

Based on our research, we have found some applications in using these concepts before high stress/cognitive heavy events at work. So maybe before that next big presentation, or that crazy product sprint, use this Playbook to improve focus, and increase performance.

Remember, performance is always, "more than meets the eye"...

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

This Playbook is designed for high performance, so make sure your team's Health Field is good.


Develop a list of 5 types of activities that you can use to prime your nervous system before any important event.

These activities would include:

A few jump squats or push ups, a few games of Fortnite or Call Of Duty, or even a quick board game or word puzzle.

This should be based on personality type, fitness level and activity preference - so be smart.


5 minutes is all you need to prime your system, so no need to go H.A.M. on this one.

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Next Steps

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