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Reduce non-essential meetings

Use this playbook to reduce non-essential meetings and gain back some time to recover.

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About this Playbook

"Addition by Subtraction" is a phrase used by coaches to mean that sometimes your team can get better not by adding more (work in this case), but by shedding some tasks or practices that are interfering with or inhibiting your success.

Think like Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid series; he had Daniel complete simple lessons such as painting a fence and waxing a car.

In the end he tied these seemingly mundane tasks back into their martial arts training, but with a heightened sense of awareness having stripped back the principles into their simpler forms.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Go through planned meetings for the week and cancel or push back any that you can.


Block some time off as focused work time now that your schedule is more open.


Don't schedule new meetings for that week. Try to limit communications in general to allow your team to get sh*t done.

The next time your team meets, discuss how that felt.

Weigh the pros and cons; maybe this becomes a recurring recovery method for you.

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