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Use this playbook to encourage continuous learning across and between teams to sharpen your team's proverbial axe.

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Playbooks are tried-and-true tactics to help transform managers into world-class coaches. Playbooks range from strategies to reduce burnout and improve mental health, to exercises to maximize team grit and alignment, and everything in between.
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About this Playbook

The best teams are always learning. Adding structure to learning activities improves the team's ability to use the knowledge immediately to improve team performance. Use this Playbook to encourage continuous learning across and between teams.Provide structure for sharing cross-team updates.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Choose a facilitator and 1-2 presenters to lead the group. The facilitator can be the person who is initiating the Playbook (probably, you!) or the subject matter expert.


Selecting topic(s) and presenter(s): The group should select topics based on what challenges the team is facing, or what growth areas are of interest. Topics can include anything from general development topics (e.g., confidence, negotiation, etc.) or team-specific improvements (e.g., \"What led to the last outage?\", \"How can we incorporate greater customer insights into our work?\", etc.).Presenters should be selected for their expertise where necessary (e.g., lead SRE for a discussion of causes of outages and best developmental practices, etc.) or a presenter's desire to learn and share (e.g., professional development topics, etc.)

Presenter prep:The presenters should come prepared with in-depth research on the topic they are sharing. Make sure to come prepared with materials to answer why this topic is important to the audience and how the audience can benefit from improving in this area.Facilitator prep:The facilitator should book a conference room and video line (if there are remote team members). Include a link to this play in the invite for context, as well as background information on the topic and names of the presenters.


Set the stage: Explain the purpose of the session: to provide structured, dedicated time for your team to learn so each attendee walks away with new tactics to improve their work. The facilitator should set basic ground rules, and explain how they are put in place to create a safe environment for learning.Presentation, activity, or exercise:The presenters share what they've learned about the topic in question, and the sources of their information. You might consider small group brainstorm and share-outs, \"What's wrong with this example?\", or other activities to make the session more interactive. We find presentations that include an activity for the group tend to get the best feedback.Questions for presenters: Give the room 5 minutes to ask questions of the presenter. Make sure you timebox this so you have enough time for discussion!Discussion:The facilitator should guide the discussion, positioning the presenters as experts and encouraging other team members to bring in their own questions and expertise.

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