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Go hard or go home (but not really)

An active recovery Playbook to help control your fight or flight response.

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About this Playbook

You don't need to go hard all the time. For the next 30 days, try two days a week of basic aerobic exercise, for 30 minutes.

Active recovery has been shown to increase blood flow, as well as, to help down regulate the fight or flight response (the thing that is causing you so much stress!).

Riding bikes, walking the dog, or jumping rope are a few classic options here. Anything that raises your heart rate (not too much) works as well, so feel free to do whatever you enjoy most!

It's important not to overly stimulate yourself here, or do anything too high intensity, or you'll trigger cortisol release which is the opposite of what we want here.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Here are some guidelines for active recovery work to enhance recovery:

Exertion levels should be kept low, 3-4 on a scale of 10

Low impact exercises, such as biking, running in water and swimming are often better choices than running to avoid extra stress on joints

Total volume of work should not exceed 30 minute

Heart rate needs to be kept below the 140 beats per minute

Intensity of exercise should never exceed 70% of maximum effort

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