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Attend a Board Meeting

Use this playbook to get the team together and play a board game or cards together.

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About this Playbook

Look - we only partner with the BEST companies like you, and that means your people work hard solving the challenges that you do. A mental break spent with the team lets your people recover mentally while strengthening their bonds with each other.It's amazing what something as small as a board game together can do for a team.

The point is less about what you do and more about taking a break together to have some fun and let your mind be occupied by things other than your slack notifications.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Team Leads! Identify a game that will accommodate your team well. The linked article has a few options, though we're partial to a good round of charades ourselves.

Identify a day/time to initiate this activity with your team that will allow adequate arrangements to be made to facilitate it into your schedules.


Team Leads! Decide on what game will be played and make sure everyone knows what to expect. Possibly send the rules out ahead of time. Send out a calendar hold to block the time off.

Don't forget the zoom invite if doing this remotely. For added fun, have an award for the winner and make it known ahead of time to ramp up excitement.


Team Leads! On game day, enjoy the fun and let your mind wander from work. If this activity is a total winner, nothing is stopping you from making it a recurring activity *cough cough, wink wink, nudge nudge*

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