Live fast. Smile often. Close like hell: The sales leaders guide to growing fast as f*ck with LEON.

"The Only Thing Standing Between You And Your Goal Is The Bulls*** Story You Keep Telling Yourself As To Why You Can’t Achieve It."

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

The typical strategy for sales team burnout is to let your people gain the courage to tell you, or you proactively implement some sort of half-assed “no meeting Friday” policy.

These approaches are fine in nature, but useless when it comes to scaling an organization, and it also means your people are left in the lurch, waiting for their leader to come to save them. This is costly not just for your team performance and company growth — but also for your employees’ satisfaction and overall perception of you as a leader.

Instead of guessing or even worse, turning a blind eye, you can prevent burnout and other performance-related issues. With the right data and cutting-edge tools, LEON can help you can keep an ear to the ground at all times, predicting issues like employee burnout, shaky mental health, D&I issues, and drops in performance (before it takes a nosedive).

LEON can drastically reduce the number of performance issues within your sales teams, all while increasing employee satisfaction and retention. Below, we share the latest proactive strategies — including how to automatically identify and reduce employee burnout, preemptively resolve alignment issues with targeted Playbooks, and ultimately, position LEON as a performance tool for your team.

Why LEON is a necessary part of your sales tech stack.

At LEON, we use the framework of Wellness Intelligence to understand how “ready” your team is to perform. Within this framework, we combine the LEON Performance Index, Growth Windows, and our Playbook capabilities to better help you understand problems before they arise, the level of support that is needed, and real-time strategies to implement.

Armed with the right intelligence, you can significantly reduce well-being and performance issues, all while keeping your sales team motivated and happy.

With Wellness Intelligence leading the charge, not only will you take the pressure off of you and your team, but you can also demonstrate how LEON is impacting your business’ bottom line with positive employee loyalty and retention numbers.

Early identify employee issues.

By now, you may be thinking, “Leon sounds great — it’s the Holy Grail of performance!” But when your team is busy managing day-to-day revenue goals you may be wondering how you’ll find time to identify team performance issues, so you can begin proactively fixing the problems.

LEON will automatically do a lot of this groundwork for you, preventing unnecessary headaches and helping your team feel supported at the same time. Provided with these insights, we can help you understand exactly how to drive team efficiency, improve support, and enhance employee satisfaction. Here’s how it works:

Gather performance data fast

A modern performance tool, like LEON, will automatically surface team sentiment and well-being in three key fields: Health, Resiliency, and Culture— removing the need to manually assess burnout risk, alignment, or even team diversity issues. You’ll also be able to quickly benchmark yourself against other companies within your space.

For example, with Leon you can understand how prepared your team is to grow using our three main performance metrics:

LEON Health Index: Understand short-term burnout risk and overall team happiness and utilize these metrics to drive conversations around well-being.

LEON Resilience Index: Understand overall organizational grit and adaptability, while using this medium-term metric to drive passion and commitment in your company.

LEON Culture Index: Understand cultural trust and diversity while using this long-term metric to drive alignment to company values and mission.

Real-time performance management

In a crowded, noisy world, understanding your team plays an increasingly pivotal role in driving revenue growth. From predicting employee burnout, mental health, to alignment and resiliency issues, all things matter when scaling revenue teams. And with one bad quarter being the difference between job security or not, you simply can’t afford to not understand how ready your team is to perform.

Growth Windows gives you the confidence to make real-time, actionable decisions regarding the health and performance of your people.

For example, at LEON we use Growth Windows to:

Understand the top fields which are impacting team performance, so they can be addressed in team meet-ups or one on ones.

Surface low and high-performing teams so we can update OKR’s to create more employee-centric goals.

Help our leaders understand where they need to better focus their time, and what type of team activities to implement.

Actionable solutions to drive change.

Data is meaningful. But it won’t help you fully support your teams with the issues they may be having. Often, you’ll be left with questions like What do I do next, how do you fix this, and how do I know if it worked? While understanding team readiness is useful, sometimes you need a quick, actionable solution to unlock performance right away — for example, you may understand that your inbound sales team is trending towards burnout, but how to fix that issue is a horse of different color, right?. That’s why it’s important to have a bank of strategies that you can implement quickly and effectively across your entire people team. We call this bank of strategies: Playbooks.

With Playbooks, we provide real solutions to team problems right when you need them. Imagine this: Using our Performance Index, LEON provides you a Growth Window that your Inbound Sales Team is currently at high risk of burnout. Instead of emailing HR and setting a meeting to discuss how to best help your team, a Playbook is recommended for you to implement a “4 Day Work Week” for the next 45 days, and better yet, you can start the Playbook, and communicate it to your team, in one click of a button, directly through Leon.

Playbooks have the ability to drive massive efficiency gains for sales teams of all sizes. Because it’s always on, learning, and collecting feedback, Playbooks enable leaders to deliver personal, real-time people solutions at a global scale.

Pro tip: Don’t only use Playbooks for when performance is low. We also built Playbooks to help you drive performance in teams that look great.

4 impactful ways to use LEON with your team.

Now that you understand how LEON and Wellness Intelligence works, let us take some time to understand some real-world ways you can implement this framework within your organization.

Regardless of your business type and growth goals, here are 4 amazing ways to use LEON at your company:

1. Onboard new employees

There’s nothing more exciting than training and developing a new SDR. But, of course, newbies will often experience a steep and highly stressful learning curve. That’s especially true if you consider yourself a high-growth company. New employees while often eager to learn, also tend to burnout and churn at a very high rate, so it is in our best interest to follow them closely.

But a new stressed out SDR doesn't have to be the status quo. Within LEON, you can segment out your new hires into their own specific teams, so you can better track and understand well-being, but also implement Playbooks specifically designed to accommodate the issues associated with starting a new role. Giving new employees proactive support from the outset not only increases employee satisfaction and retention but also helps them onboard more effectively.

2. Developing autonomy within your team

Unlike the onboarding concept discussed above, when an employee starts to take on some level of mastery within their role, a new need for autonomy starts to show itself. They’ll start to ask questions about learning new skills (upskilling) or even to start working on side passion projects.

By proactively identifying the teams that have both high levels of resiliency and reduced risk of burnout, you could use LEON as almost a barometer to understand the timing of implementation, but more importantly, the possible success of your upskilling strategy.

3. Promotion and advancement opportunities

We all love it when we can promote a team member internally, but normally, the grind tends to have a cost. While we’re not saying to ever use LEON as a predictor of leadership ability, it can give you some insight on how to best transition your leader into their new role. This will empower them to possibly take a step back, breathe, and gradually grow into the new position vs trying to sustain that same level of intensity over a long period of time.

4. Assessing the cost of growth

No matter how diligent your business is, growth always has a people cost associated with it. Think intense revenue goals, new product sprints, end-of-quarter all-nighters — all those mission-critical objectives that can frustrate your employees and wipe out long-term performance, they all have a negative effect. With LEON, we help you understand how impactful those sprints and all-nighters were, while you compare that “cost” to the net new revenue gain. In short, we help you answer the age-old question of “was it worth it”?

Learn more about LEON today.

Wellness Intelligence is incredibly powerful, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle for delivering efficient, personal support to your employees at the scale your business needs. Request a demo today, and see how we can help super-power your entire organization.

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