Linkedin (without all the bullshit).

October 21, 2020

To date, there has been but one widely-adopted social media that caters to careers and work and business. 

This, obviously, is Linkedin.

At first, it was grand. 

It was a magical place where meaningful conversations happened, interesting ideas were shared and opportunities hung like ripe fruit in a vast and generous orchard.  

But, that was then, this is now. 

Today, Linkedin has become something akin to a cesspool. 

It’s a place where megalomaniac middle-managers imitate Seth Godin with poorly written single-lined broetry. 

It’s a place where back scratches are rarely given, and in the rare circumstances that they are, they’re wildly conditional. 

It’s a place riddled with mass following and like-whoring and empty commenting; a place where everyone is screaming through a loudspeaker as they build their “empires”. 

Fuck that. 

Because of this, I created Humans. 

It’s an exclusive invite-only community of ambitious employees, savvy entrepreneurs and employee-first CEOs looking for a place where education and good, genuine conversations are held in higher regard than vanity metrics (“likes” and comments). 

More so, after a considerable amount of thought and reflection, I have decided that Humans by Leon will be the only place on the planet where we will be sharing Leon-made content. 

We’re spending millions curating webinars, podcasts, articles and academic discussions led by some of the brightest minds and companies in the world, and we’ve decided it’s not something we’re going to just give away to help grow platforms we don’t inherently agree with.

Finally, to keep the dialogue good and warm, Humans by Leon will be invite only. So, if you’re interested in joining, please DM here (no the irony is not lost on me). Or, apply to join HUMANS here.

It’s time for a change. 


Bryan Smith. 

CEO of Leon. 

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