We can’t cure COVID. But, we can help with the blues.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

The reason why LEON data is so powerful is that it allows you to do what's necessary to get your team in synch.

To move them in one direction, at one time, TODAY.

You utilize the monitoring data in Growth Windows, to understand what to do individually with Teams A, B, and C to make them come together, and achieve a certain level of flow.

To prepare them to perform.


And this is what employee engagement companies get wrong.

All of them.

True employee engagement was never about the understanding the "pulse" of your teams. WTF do you do with a "pulse" of your team anyway?

It's about understanding how ready your team is to perform.

What specific metrics are impacting that ability to perform.

And the overall COST to perform.

Not engagement.

While employee engagement companies talk a good game about being HUMAN. Most, if not all have zero understanding of what that actually means.

They create this picture of a world where "engagement" is simple and ordered.

And not f*cking complex and chaotic.

A world where psychology, physiology, upbringing, trauma, genetic and epigenetic factors etc. all work together to define my mental state, day in and day out.

A world where my dwindling mental health and your dwindling mental health are so vastly different, that even the "cause" can't be defined.

Yet we bundle it up into a nice dashboard for #hr to report on using a 6 month engagement survey.

If you really want to understand and protect your people, what we really need is a framework. A framework which defines every interaction, every OKR meeting and and every quarterly review.

A framework which dictates your L&D strategy by Lessonly.

A framework which determines your coaching syllabus by Gong.

A framework which gives you a lens to view your Salesforce data.

A framework which gives clarity and context to every interaction, every conversation and every slack message you do or do not send.

That framework is Growth Windows by LEON.

Growth Windows is your light in the dark. Your key to true performance management.

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