We’re putting together a crew. You in?

LEON is looking for providers with top marks to complement its ridiculously sexy predictive algorithms and people-first kind of vibes. You in?

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

LEON is looking for providers with top marks to complement its ridiculously sexy predictive algorithms and people-first kind of vibes. You in?

Hey there

You must have heard — LEON is building humankind’s healthiest and happiest generation of employees with the planet’s first ever, AI- powered employee performance platform.

Lucky for you, we’re looking for new providers to join our crew:

Do you provide a service that people everywhere should use?

Do you want to make humans happier?

Would you like to grow your brand for free (as in no cost to you)?

If you answered “F*CK YES” to any of these questions, we want your help.

Learn more here, the fate of the human race depends on it.

What are the perks of becoming a LEON provider?

You see, we’re more than just damn good messaging.

We’re cooking up the secret sauce that’s ending burnout (the one HR gurus don’t talk about) and employees can’t get enough it.

As soon as you plug your solution into our multi-media marketplace, you’ll be shown to tens of thousands of employees and decision makers, resulting in an opportunity for instant growth.

Where else can you find free advertising like that?

It’s really quite simple: You + LEON are meant to be.

Seriously though, 85% of humans hate their job, so go ahead, do them a favor and connect with us — we’ve got A LOT of people you can help.

Learn more about the sauce, here. Did I mention it’s free to join?

Here’s 5 more reasons why you should learn more, today:

  1. Our unique SAAS ecosystem gives you access to powerful data that will help you quantify your fit in the marketplace and leverage it accordingly.
  2. We provide instant and organic growth by putting your service directly in front of our growing user base. Not to mention, we rep our partners and make sure everyone knows about them.
  3. Our team contributes to the content and resources you are developing by adding some of our own to the mix. We ride and die for our partners. When you succeed, we succeed.
  4. Did I mention that we don’t charge you anything to be on our platform? Once you’re plugged in, the cheddar train can begin (for you, that is).
  5. On top of that, we save you and your future clients money by protecting the integrity of your service from being commoditized by industry vultures (we’ll name names later).

As you can tell, LEON is big on bringing solutions upstream by creating an ecosystem for employers and their people to get the services they need.

But all perks aside, we do this sh*t because we love it. We put humans first, because we are human. We saw a need in the world and we are fighting tooth and nail to fill it.

If you’re ready to come help, hit the damn button.

Still not convinced?

What? Joining forces to fight against the status quo and change the face of employee performance isn’t enough for you?

Don’t worry, keep scrolling. It gets better.

Not to get all poetic on you, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how joining LEON is like a sweet, sweet infusion of Benjamin’s straight into your pocketbook.

We’re about to be everywhere and we want to take you with us.

Truth is, we are building out the most robust employee marketplace there is. We aren’t just in a league of our own, we are the league — and we want you in it.

Here’s some food for thought: If no two people are alike and no two companies are the same, why should their response to burnout be?

Answer: It shouldn’t.

That’s why LEON Health Sciences is not your ordinary employee performance firm. As a matter of fact, we’re first in our class and we’re changing how the game is played.

We think it’s time employers started listening to their people and treating them like humans — talking to them like humans.

Because if we don’t, the cost of improving employee performance will continue to climb. With yearly costs over $125B and nearly 50% of turnover being a direct result of burnout, we need all the help we can get to mitigate it’s impact.

That means addressing trends toward burnout before it’s too late (that’s on us), and treating the whole person through a variety of measures (that’s where you come in).

So, how does LEON work?

A relationship with LEON looks like this:

First, we integrate our providers and plug them into our marketplace ecosystem (You could be one of them). That way, both employer and employee can freely shop around for what they want or need.

Second, our platform then works by combining data science and predictive algorithms to place the right service in front of the right person, exactly when they need it.

And because we’re taking the pulse of individuals on a personal and organizational level through our wellness intelligence, we’re able to spot trends and act on them before before they become an issue (whether it’s an issue with burnout, resiliency, performance, or culture).

Sort of like Uber, we deliver the eats; except we get it done way before a person even knows they need it (yes, that good).

Sound like your kind of crew? I want in.

Next steps:

As providers, your services make up the high-touch experience we deliver to our clients; and the more integrations there are, the better we can respond to the needs of those we serve.

Trust me, we’re the resident experts on giving employees what they need to perform, and they have spoken.

We’re eager to round out our marketplace and tap into other areas that improve human health, culture, resilience, leadership, and performance.

So, if you’re ready to learn more, or you’re the solution we’ve been waiting for, hit the damn button.

Until next time,

The LEON Team

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