How to pick a wellness benefit your employees will love.

Advice on choosing a wellness benefit your employees will love, and helping them get up and running with a program that is truly built for the needs of the employee.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

It’s a big commitment to pay for and manage a company wellness program. But as a small or large company, offering a wellness benefit is one of the biggest perks you have when it comes to attracting and hiring talent, employee productivity, and retention.

That said, simply providing a random mental health app or gym reimbursement isn’t enough to keep employees happy. The employee benefits landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. It’s important to understand what your employees need and offer options that align with how consumers use wellness programs today. Here’s advice on choosing a wellness benefit your employees will love, and helping them get up and running with a program that is truly built for the needs of the employee.

Choose a benefit that caters to any personality and lifestyle.

Not all employee wellness programs are created equal. When evaluating your choices, look for programs that offer seamless purchasing options with mental health programs, renowned fitness apps, and even amazing recovery and nutrition services.

If your employees live in a larger city, you may also want to consider programs that offer bike shares and sport league options.

Wellness is personal and very subjective. Simply put, there is never a one size fits all program when it comes to well-being. Don’t set limitations for your team members.

Look for programs that support a personalized experience.

Large employee wellness programs are notorious for providing impersonal, unhelpful, one size fit all software. When possible, opt for companies who’ve invested in more personalized experiences.

Additionally, because well-being is an ever-changing landscape, your wellness program should be driven by intelligence. For example, LEON uses Wellness Intelligence data to better recommend which services both you and your employees should be utilizing. This can help provide a roadmap for everyone to understand the absolute best possible way to utilize a wellness benefit.

Opt for programs with networks that provide cost savings.

Your employees should have access to a curated network of high-quality wellness providers without breaking the bank — and you’ll avoid paying more money for a wellness benefit because discounts have already been negotiated on your behalf.

Also, try to make sure you are only charged for actual utilization. No more “bulk” purchases, and no more explaining why engagement is down on that very expensive company perk.

Clearly communicate benefit options and the enrollment process.

It’s tempting to just email a PDF of your new wellness program to your employees before launching and hope for the best. However, if you want to prevent headaches, later on, it’s best to provide additional information and support, or even let your wellness provider manage the process for you.

Educate employees on how to get started

Choosing the most effective way to announce a new wellness benefit is really complicated, so it’s totally okay to get help from outside experts. Ask your wellness provider for educational materials to share with your employees during enrollment. We will be able to provide you with a deeper dive into benefit options, education, and the most successful way to launch your new benefit.

This information can help your employees simply and easily signup and start engaging in wellness while preventing unnecessary administrative headaches and wasted wellness dollars.

The bottom line

Today’s consumer expects a lot from their company wellness program. As an employer, you’re in a position to help employees get a program that gives them access to wellness on their terms. Before starting a new employee wellness program, look around and evaluate your options to ensure you’re providing the best optionality for your staff. They’ll thank you for it!

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