Setting up LEON for early stage founders

Bryan Smith

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

Imagine a fast scaling startup with multiple functions and teams, you might have a product team, sales, engineering, etc. They are all teams of people with different business processes, goals, and stressors, but yet, for the vast majority of companies, employee engagement and performance is a one size fits all thing.

Before LEON, I spent years working in high-performance professional sports organizations, so naturally, as we were building LEON, I loved the idea of LEON benefiting high-performing early stage founders. The ability to help everyone and not only the HR and People team function was so exciting for us. So let’s talk a bit more about launching LEON inside your startup.

1. Equip your team

First, the basics. Once you are familiar with how LEON works and you have buy-in from the team to try it out, call a meeting to get everyone else on board. Invite all attendees to their Leon team, make sure they have created an account installed and are successfully logged in. Review the basics of how LEON works and consult these handy support documents as needed.

2. Optimizing philosophies

Each team will have different goals, and that affects how they interact with LEON. There will be someone who engages with your recommended Playbooks, and some who decide to take advantage of the wellness offerings within the LEON Marketplace.

Not everyone needs to be, or in fact, will engage in team events or team Playbooks. Understanding that company culture is extremely subjective and evolving, is a big part of helping LEON “stick” within your company.

Let your team members know that privacy is a concern for everyone, and LEON understands that. All survey data and any usage in the platform will be completely anonymized and private. We never share personal data with leaders, and we damn sure don’t sell the data for profit.

3. Imperfect execution and speed are what matters.

A specific Playbook may not always work for your team. As a matter of fact, some we may never recommend again based on the reviews of your team. But that’s okay. As we said before, culture is subjective right? So, explain to your teams that LEON is always learning and that the data derived from “imperfect execution” leads to smarter team growth in the long run.

4. Be the change you want to see

Our customers see the best results when everyone uses Leon to drive team health and performance. This rules out any confusion on LEON being an important initiative for your company.

To start, we recommend leadership to engage in LEON right away — signaling to all that LEON is where well-being and performance happens.

Eureka moments

Now that your company is equipped and educated on why you’ve decided to use LEON and how it works, you’ll be able to increase performance and improve health across your organization. The entire group will see how easy LEON is to use, and how they finally have leaders who are proactive about building a high-performing team.

Feel free to tweak any of this advice to meet your own needs, but we hope there are enough ideas to get any kind of team up and running (and healthy!) on LEON.

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