Meet Leon: The Performance Index, Growth Windows, and more features to help create amazing companies.

Superpower your teams with smarter solutions, not just data.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

Here at Leon, we tripled down on building and shipping features across the Leon Platform that would fundamentally shift how leaders manage their teams. As businesses were forced to quickly pivot to remote working early last year, these new products proved pivotal in helping teams to stay aligned, while maintaining and improving employee well-being and productivity.

As time went on, we continued to build on these features, releasing powerful updates to make them work smarter for you — based directly on your feedback. Our latest updates to the Leon Performance Index, Growth Windows, Playbooks, and the Leon App Store, to name but a few, empower you to optimize your people data, improve decision making, and most importantly, create better experiences to meet your employees’ evolving needs.

Optimally scale employee performance and well-being with the Leon Performance Index.

We released the Leon Performance Index in beta last year to empower leaders to make better decisions regarding the health and performance of their teams. Since its release, we’ve been working endlessly behind the scenes to make the product even more powerful, releasing several new features that make Leon that much smarter at helping you support the right employees, at the right time — and with the right strategy.

The Leon Performance Index is a brand new way to understand the “readiness” of your team to perform. It’s a powerful, highly intuitive sentiment analysis framework that enables leaders and managers to make better decisions regarding the Health, Resilience, and Culture of their organization and individual teams.

Understand who needs support, and who can be challenged.

We only launched Growth Windows in beta a few months ago, but what we learned was this: Actionable data matters! And that Leon has a responsibility to provide the leaders in your company data that helps them make better decisions regarding their people and your company.

With Growth Windows and the Leon Performance Index, you can understand the exact teams which are in need of proactive support, and the teams that can be challenged or pushed harder! Growth Windows powered by the Leon Performance system helps you understand how “ready” your team is to perform, today and in the future!

Superpower your teams with smarter solutions, not just data.

We’ve made powerful updates to the entire Leon ecosystem, but combining our three most important features; the Leon Performance Index, Growth Windows, and Playbooks, was by far our most impactful! Our new Playbook capabilities combine the power of intelligent sentiment analysis, impactful predictive indexing, and real-time solutions to streamline and quantify the people decisions you make on a daily basis.

With these three powerful systems working together, Leon becomes your data scientist, your people leader, and your performance specialist, in one amazing platform.

Create an ecosystem, built for you.

Our latest platform enhancements close the entire loop of performance and well-being, by allowing your team members to take a bottoms-up approach to self-care. With our apps and integration partners, the Leon App Store gives your entire team access to a vast catalog of mental health platforms, clinical-based services, and a plethora of health and fitness products. This simple to use and seamlessly integrated marketplace makes it that much easier for you to support and challenge your entire team.

Moving forward

With big plans for the year ahead, we’re focused on continuing to build products and features that help you to create better companies, faster growth, and healthier employees, based directly on your feedback. If you’re interested in hearing more or want to chat with us about using Leon at your company, we’d love to hear from you over at HUMANS — our community forum. Come say hi 👋

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