Understand how Leon Check-ins drive growth within your team

Leon Check-ins help team managers collect meaningful insights to help you proactively turn issues into actions and actions into solutions.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

Leon Check-ins help team managers collect meaningful insights to help you proactively turn issues into actions and actions into solutions. With short, weekly (bi-weekly or monthly), automated check-in surveys, we help teams immediately identify areas that are in need of support, and those that can be challenged.

Here’s what you’ll find out in this article:

How Check-ins were built

How often are Check-ins conducted

What happens after Check-ins

How Check-ins were built

We’ve curated a database of over 200 research-based questions, which influence the Leon Performance Index. The Performance Index measures employee readiness and well-being based on three “fields” and six “tracks”, which we feel best represent the “fitness” of an organization.

These indexes were identified based on research done by Leon and experts from Stanford University, McKinsey, and the University of Pennsylvania.

An overview of those Indexes are presented below:

Leon Health Index: Understand short-term burnout risk and overall team happiness,utilizing these metrics to drive conversations around well-being.

Leon Resilience Index: Understand overall organizational grit and adaptability, while using this medium-term metric to drive passion and commitment in your company.

Leon Culture Index: Understand cultural trust and diversity while using this long-term metric to drive alignment to company values and mission.

The possibilities are endless — there’s nothing else in the market that allows for your people data to be as cohesive, contextual, and most importantly, actionable as the Leon Performance Index.

Note: Anonymity is serious business at Leon. Individual answers for Check-ins are never displayed; only aggregated results are presented in Reports and given to leadership. Employee information is protected by strict protocols, designed to protect employee identity at all costs. You can read more about that process here.

How often are Check-ins conducted?

The Leon Check-in system is conducted in two ways:

Intake Check-in: Administered during the onboarding process, this assessment provides a baseline for “where one stands” within the Leon Performance Index.

Periodic check-ins: Because Leon is always on, and always working, we recommend you check-in once a week. Check-ins drive team Playbooks and new content, so there is always something new on tap, and exciting to check out.

A weekly check-in contains 7–10 questions and takes less than two minutes to complete. As these are conducted in a pulse survey framework, check-in questions will come up again every 3 months because it’s important to be able to measure change and quantify trends for every Index.

What Happens after Check-ins

Growth Windows to help you grow. As more data comes in over the first few weeks, you’ll start to see where your team lives within our Growth Windows feature. A simple red, yellow, green concept has been designed as a visual cue to help you understand which teams are in need of Support and which team can be Challenged. We recommend showing this to your team, so they can both understand how it works, but more importantly, that they can build trust in the data.

Your first Playbook

Leon works best when you turn the data into action. Playbooks give you the opportunity to create belief and trust that both you as a leader and Leon have an employee’s best interest in mind. Before you start your first official Playbook, we recommend reviewing with your team the why behind starting this Playbook From there, you’ll have three recommendations to choose from. Simply choose the one (or all three, it’s up to you) that makes the most sense for your people and your culture. Remember, “imperfect execution” is okay, because it leads to smarter growth later on.

And off you go

Now that you're equipped and educated on how Leon Check-ins work, you’ll be able to increase performance and improve health across your organization. Your entire team will see how easy Leon is to use, and how they finally have leaders who are proactive about building a high-performing team.

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