Coffee's for closers: Introducing LEON for sales

Sales teams today are your high performers, your vehicle to success. It’s time to treat them as such.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

We have created an entire industry built around Sales Enablement.

From CRM’s, Sales Intelligence, to Sales Listening (Gong), we have entered a world where real-time data is not only available to us, but it’s also actionable! Revenue leaders today are all searching for a data signal to figure out how to scale faster and smarter, and more importantly, how to better understand their customers. But when it comes to our actual revenue teams, we have come to accept that whatever is in Salesforce — is the gospel.

With sales and revenue roles changing faster than ever, and ultimately demanding more, it is critically important that we understand the ability of our revenue teams to perform today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Our people data contains the truth on how fast we can grow, how people should be supported, and ultimately, how they should be challenged. LEON is the platform that can provide revenue teams that truth. With LEON, Sales Enablement can finally unite the company behind one common goal — grow smarter, grow faster, while also protecting the most valuable asset we have; our people.

From Salesforce data to people data. It all matters to performance.

Tracking and understanding performance metrics in Salesforce has for some time now, been the bread and butter of all things revenue growth. From response time, to contact rate, to opportunity/win ratio, our expectation is that this data gives us a peek under the hood of how our team is performing. And now with real-time feedback via Gong and other AI-based listening platforms, our ability to drive change has never been more robust.

But what if I told you were missing a key indicator for performance? And that this indicator has always been available to you, but you were looking at it the wrong…

Enter the LEON Performance Index. Your data scientist for performance.

The LEON Performance Index is a brand new way to understand the “readiness” of your revenue team to perform. It’s a powerful, highly intuitive sentiment analysis framework that enables sales leaders and managers to make better decisions regarding the performance of your revenue team.

The LEON Performance Index helps you understand:

Team Health: With attrition rates close to 40% in sales teams, understanding who’s at risk of burnout, in real-time, and how they can be supported is a key factor in driving performance. Remember, teams that win, are the teams that can repeat performance, month after month, year after year. LEON helps you win consistently by optimizing the readiness of your entire revenue team.

Team Resiliency: According to McKinsey, one of the top indicators of success in sales enablement, is a focused effort on improving adaptability. From alignment on company mission, KPI’s to managing mental health, understanding your teams' ability to adapt and overcome stress is vital. The LEON Performance Score can help you both quantify team grit and adaptability, but also, benchmark you against some of the highest performing SaaS sales teams today.

Team Culture: No we’re not talking about ping pong tables and kombucha on tap. This is the real stuff. From commitment, diversity, and relationship, The LEON Performance Index can give you real-time insights into how committed your people are to the mission.

Is the window of success open or closed?

For any sales leader, supporting and challenging employees is critically important at every stage of growth. We have long desired to find a better way to truly understand the capabilities of our sales teams, and we heard loud and clear that you needed a better way to lead your people.

So we built it for you — today, we’re incredibly excited to announce Growth Windows for Sales Teams! Welcome to the smartest and most actionable way to lead, engage, and support revenue teams. With Growth Windows, you can understand the exact teams which are in need of proactive support, and the teams that can be challenged or pushed harder. No more guesswork. No more one size fits all leadership.

This makes it the perfect tool for:

Burnout prediction: Growth Windows give you a predictive snapshot of which teams are at high risk of burnout, and which teams are primed for performance.

Assessing and improving company alignment: Mission, values, diversity, it all matters. Growth Windows can tell you which teams are aligned and which teams are in need of leadership in real-time.

Assessing happiness and mental health: Soft metrics such as mental health are not a 6-month survey thing. Growth Windows can give you almost weekly insights into the overall well-being of your sales teams.

Establishing OKR’s: Yes, that is right! Growth Windows help your OKR’s live and breathe just like your people. Growth Windows give you a holistic tool to help you assess if yesterday’s OKR is right for today.

Sales leaders want solutions, not just data.

Every sales leader knows the faster you can support your team with an engagement or leadership issue, the happier everyone will be. But too often, sales leaders rely on the dreaded “pulse” of their team to manage performance outcomes.

With Playbooks for Sales teams, we provide real solutions to employees’ problems right when you need them. Imagine this:

Using our Performance Index, LEON provides you a Growth Window that your Inbound and Mid-Market teams are currently at high risk of burnout. Instead of emailing HR and setting a meeting to discuss how to best help your team, a series of Playbook Events and Activities are recommended for you to choose — from implementing a 4 day work week, reducing hours, to eliminating meetings altogether, our Playbooks for Sales teams have been tested, validated and proven to work just for you. All you have to do is turn it on.

Playbooks have the ability to drive massive efficiency gains for revenue teams of all sizes. Because it’s always on, learning, and collecting feedback, Playbooks enable sales leaders to deliver personal, real-time performance solutions on a global scale.

Get started for 30 days free!

We know great leadership involves a lot more than just running a random people survey. It means learning in real-time the best way to support or challenge your team. So, we built Leon for Sales to do just that — delivering immediate solutions to your leaders and immediate support to your employees. This is just the beginning of Leon for Sales.

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