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No one ever starts a company intending to burnout their people. But until recently, technology limitations meant that we, as sales leaders, faced an impossible choice as our teams and revenue grew.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

Making good business decisions meant scaling as fast as possible, no matter how it affected our teammates. Late hours, never-ending meetings, disrupted mental health, etc. Decisions for our people meant limited growth, 4 day work weeks, increased benefit costs, etc.

Massive shifts in employee expectations over the last few years mean we can no longer choose between making sound business decisions and sound people decisions. Employees now expect both. They want fast growth, with high returns, within a company that always has their best interests in mind.

Sales leaders who fail to meet these new, higher expectations will lose many of their best performers— something no revenue business function can afford to do.

Massive shifts in employee expectations over the last few years mean we can no longer choose between making sound business decisions and sound people decisions. Employees now expect both.

I started Leon four years ago because I knew there was a better way to help revenue teams grow. My background in Sports Science afforded me the opportunity to look at sales teams, much as I did with professional sports teams; “high-performance organizations that at all costs, need to manage the “readiness” of their team to perform, in real-time.” And now with Leon, this is finally possible.

The move towards leading smarter revenue teams in this way is gaining such incredible momentum that we’ve built a new feature to hopefully close the loop between well-being and performance. We’re calling it “Growth Windows.” Growth Windows is a data scientist and a performance coach in your pocket, giving you the ability to understand which teams are in need of support or can be challenged, and also, which key performance metric is affecting or driving performance, in real-time. Using this data as your guide, you are able to make better decisions when it matters. And that’s today.

Growth Windows are built for…you guessed it, growth.

In a crowded, noisy world, understanding your people team plays an increasingly pivotal role in driving revenue growth. From predicting employee burnout, mental health, to alignment and resiliency issues, all things matter when scaling remote revenue teams. And with one bad quarter being the difference between job security or not, you simply can’t afford to not understand how ready your team is to perform.

Growth Windows gives you the confidence to make real-time, actionable decisions regarding the health and performance of your people.

In one, single dashboard, you can gain valuable “real-sights” into:

Understanding team burnout and mental health: Growth Windows give you a predictive snapshot of which sales teams are at high risk of burnout, and which teams are primed for performance on a weekly basis. This data allows you to make decisions on almost a daily basis of both how you manage your teams and how you distribute the workload.

Driving upskilling and learning strategies: Upskilling is fantastic when your team is resilient and adaptable enough to handle the new stress of it all. Think of Growth Windows as your barometer for net new people growth.

Designing living and breathing OKR’s: Growth Windows helps your OKR’s live and breathe just like your people. The value of understanding the human metrics of performance allows you the opportunity to make real-time adjustments to team OKR’s, and more importantly, a KPI that is justifiable and backed by research.

You need Growth Windows in your company

Growth Windows is a new approach to building more resilient, highly adaptable revenue functions, with expertise garnered from years of researching high-performance teams. Over 1,000 research papers and data points were analyzed to build a platform to help you achieve the holy grail of leadership: healthier, more resilient people, optimized team efficiency, and accelerated revenue growth.

Growth Windows is the first, real-time performance index for revenue teams. Our solutions enable you to make better, actionable people decisions at every stage of company growth.

With our people and revenue on the line, companies can no longer afford to let their company and people growth stay stagnant, powered by legacy “engagement” systems from 10–20 years ago. Growth Windows is how modern businesses differentiate their leadership and accelerate growth going forward. The time to move to Growth Windows is now.

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