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Workplace Superlatives

Use this playbook to do a team superlatives event and have a laugh.

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About this Playbook

Getting together to have a laugh is a great way to decompress and build camaraderie with your team. Come up with some funny or unique categories that will make these awards meaningful to your team & culture.To this day, a "Most likely to unsubscribe' award stands out as a career highlight of one of our team members oddly enough.

These sorts of fun recognitions really cultivate a sense of identity in a team and let them express themselves in a way that an intelligent, AI driven Wellness Intelligence system could never prompt...Send us your best awards, we want to see them!

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

Identify a person or committee to come up with a superlative for each member of the team (by volunteer). This could be the manager, but is probably ideally a member of the team itself.

Set a date to gather to present these prestigious awards.


Have that person(s) make either actual digital awards or a slideshow to present these to the team.


Gather and share who won what. This should be a fun and silly event, so get creative!

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