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I'm putting a man on the moon

Use this playbook to define goals and make a plan to measure them along the way. Setting OKRs propels your team to achieve more than you ever thought possible while continuously learning.

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About this Playbook

When leading NASA in the 1960s, President John F. Kennedy not only gave inspiring speeches about putting a man on the moon, he also connected his big, hairy goal (to put a man on the moon) to the lower-level, short-term goals (building circuit boards) that comprised employees’ day-to-day work.

Use this Playbook to set a series of 3 team focused OKRs that you and your team help create.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

For remote teams, start by creating a collaboration document, like a Trello board. For in-person teams, create a collaboration document that can be shared on a screen during the session.

As a team, decide what period of time you’re setting OKRs for. If your company runs on quarters, quarterly is a good start.

Team Leads! Share any information that will help inform your OKRs with your team before the meeting. This could include broader company goals, project roadmaps, customer metrics, customer feedback, or previous quarters’ OKRs.


Remember the following: * It’s important to think of the value we want to achieve for our customers, clients or people we serve.* Consider and think about how to measure success towards achieving that value.


Choose objectives: Where can we bring the most value to our customers in the upcoming quarter?

Brainstorm objectives and add them to the collaboration document. We'll group similar objectives together, then summarize our ideas into 3 objectives.

Pro Tip

Set key results:

Team Leads! For each Objective, decide on a few Key Results that, when reached, would confirm you've achieved the objective.

Ensure the team is choosing metrics that demonstrate the result of the work the team has done.

Next Steps

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