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60 Minutes of The 60's.

Use this playbook to spend an hour a day practicing freedom of self expression.

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About this Playbook

Burnout is all about our stress response. Sometimes, we lose sight of the freedoms that we do have in the face of extreme demands at work. Remembering that we can always make room for freedom in the day is a really strong message that will also pay dividends in terms of helping to bring the team temperature down.

This playbook serves as "active" recovery, a concept borrowed from weight lifting meaning to lightly stimulate a muscle to speed up recovery.

Here, we are doing small recovery interventions daily in order to speed up your teams' recovery and physiologically prepare them to perform without having to reduce load.

Activity Steps
Here's the secret sauce:

For one week, plan a short, 1hr activity with the team tied to a 60's theme of freedom of self expression. The theme of the activities need to be open-ended, not competitive or constructive.

Examples include: painting, team walks, cooking together, playing 60's music and munchies, etc.


Leave yourself 1 week to prepare and execute the following week.- Brainstorm 20 activity ideas amongst your team.- Select the top 5 from the list (feel free to ask coworkers for their opinions).

- Remember! activities must be reasonable to prepare for within a 1 week timeline.

- Assign a budget for what's required to action against the 5 activities.

- Make a list of all the materials needed to execute the week successfully.


Pick a time-slot to do the activity. It must cut into the day so it cannot be at the start or end of the day - nor over lunch. Before lunch is ideal.

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Next Steps

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