LEON: The Anti-Employee Engagement, Engagement Platform

LEON likes your ass and we want you to keep it. We’re even willing to watch it for you. 

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

So, HR teams should know more about their people's overall well-being than ever before, right?

They should be able to use all of this “engagement” data to offer more personal, tailored people experiences and effective support, surely?

Well, it’s not quite that simple — despite the influx of unicorn engagement tools, and LinkedIn thought leader asshats screaming "namaste is life" and "4 day work weeks cure cancer" HR managers, and more importantly, front-line managers are as blind as ever when it comes to what the hell is actually going on with their people.

I mean, what's up? The year is 2021. We’re futuristic as f*ck. 

We have self-driving cars. Smart thermostats. Phones without buttons. Reusable rockets. Fancy wristbands that help us sleep better.

Yet (and this is a big yet), *85% of people hate their jobs and over *78% of managers feel unsupported when it comes to their own mental health.

We know what you’re thinking... 

“Not us.” 

“Not here.” 

“Not at (fill in the blank startup ending with -ly, -ify, -io).”

Unfortunately, the statistic rings true for you and those other companies sharing your building and block and city and country. 

Including those companies spending over 100K a year on your favorite "employee engagement" platforms.

There is good news, though.

It’s not too late to start innovating in the one place where you and the rest of you misunderstood SaaS mavericks gunning for the moon haven't been...LEON

Here at LEON, we’re building humankind’s healthiest and happiest generation of employees, by transforming managers into world class coaches.

It’s designed to not only flip that 85% number upside down but to sky-rocket output, too. Because, we’ve found that employees who are happier and healthier, tend to be a hell of a lot better at their jobs. 

So before I let you go, I'll leave you with one last thing...

“Check your Six.”

Every combat pilot is familiar with the life-saving mantra, “Check Your Six”. The most vulnerable spot on an aircraft is directly behind it at the pilot’s “Six O’clock”

“Check Your Six” is a very military way of saying, “Keep your eyes on your ass so you don’t lose it”.

LEON likes your ass and we want you to keep it.

We’re even willing to watch it for you. 

Get started today. It's free.

– fin –

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