Remote Work Excellence: Fight burnout and support your teams with LEON.

Leading a team has never been more challenging. HR & People teams have been stretched thinly supporting managers facing new challenges in a remote working environment.

Leading a team has never been more challenging. HR & People teams have been stretched thinly supporting managers facing new challenges in a remote working environment.

We see you doing the heavy lifting; helping managers better understand their people, trying to give them ideas to keep everyone engaged, and ultimately being accountable for the culture and happiness of your company.

We want to help.

Imagine for a moment a reality where your front line managers have accurate, current data on their own teams’ unique needs; as well as custom curated playbooks of wellness activities and content to keep their team happy and ready to perform. On top of that, you have a dashboard at your fingertips of this information, by every team in your organization; where you can monitor current activities being run, compare teams, and even prioritize where your time can best be spent supporting your managers.

Sounds pretty bad*ss, right?

Then allow me to introduce to you LEON Performance Index

With LEON Performance Index, we give you actionable insights on your teams in a matter of seconds, as well as a selection of AI-curated playbooks to address each teams’ unique needs.

Health, Resiliency, and Culture can be looked at as multipliers for your existing skills and KPIs. Our data shows that when you’re on top of these constructs, your team performs better and more predictably. Consistent success is built on scalable practices and we help you put those in place; no more guesswork and no more paralysis by analysis.

Happiness and Burnout makes up your Health Track. Here we frequently check in with your people and make sure they’re mentally ready to tackle their work ahead. Should things start to go south, we’ll help catch those signals and get out ahead of things. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

Grit and Adaptability make up your Resilience Track. You know that spark you can sometimes just see in an employee? Maybe they are the type to just refuse to give up, or always seem to be on their game? The kind that wins no matter what? You want a lot of those right? That’s something we call grit and it makes a world of difference. Pair that with the agility to adapt to changing environments (we won’t even go there…) and you’ve got one hell of a team don’t you?

Last but certainly not least, Alignment and Teamwork make up your Culture Track. I know you don’t need me to tell you how important it is to foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, empowerment, community and of mutual understanding; but I will nudge you to ask yourself “Are we doing enough?”. With that in mind, am I crazy for thinking that a shortened feedback loop, one that keeps you up to date on a monthly and yearly basis might be useful? That’s for you to decide. How in tune do you want to be with the needs of your people?

So as you sit there and think about whether this might be worth a further conversation, may I make a suggestion?

Hit the d*mn button. Your people will love it.

Talk soon,

Kellen and The LEON Team

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