Wellness Intelligence. 3 use cases for your fast scaling company

Great leadership today is about understanding and supporting your people right when they need it. And today, LEON is driving this change with what we call: Wellness Intelligence.

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

Think about the way that your people work, and how they live their lives. They probably work from home, juggling all sorts of family and life responsibilities, all while trying to drive your company to new heights. And because the “future of work” has fundamentally changed how we manage teams, as leaders, we are looking for better ways to truly understand how to support our people.

Companies are realizing there’s a better way to do business and have started to utilize Wellness Intelligence concepts to support people teams across the spectrum of product, sales, and customer support.

So how can your business adapt to this shift towards real-time Wellness Intelligence today? The solution is simple: Introduce Leon to your company and start supporting your teams the right way.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you understand how to make Wellness Intelligence work for you and your business.

What is Wellness Intelligence?

Wellness Intelligence is a single source of real-time truth that allows you to keep an ear to the ground at all times, predicting issues like employee burnout, shaky mental health, D&I issues, and drops in performance (before it takes a nosedive). It’s a powerful, new way of understanding what's happening with your people, your teams, and your company culture.

3 use cases for Wellness Intelligence in your company.

Unfortunately, traditional employee “engagement” is often still steeped in old-school ways of understanding well-being and employee performance. In cases like these, leaders are stuck identifying these trends in the sea of slack bots, pulse questionnaires, and your 6-month engagement surveys. These “legacy” tools can be extremely laborious, not to mention imprecise, slow, and almost completely useless when it comes to issues such as team burnout and resiliency. In short, your employee engagement platform is giving you data that is both late to the party, and not actionable.

Thankfully, with the right use of Wellness Intelligence, businesses can provide more efficient, enjoyable, and optimized experiences for employees across their entire organization.

1. Wellness Intelligence for Product and Dev Teams

If you think Wellness Intelligence is just for People teams and HR, you’re missing out. Wellness Intelligence can play a key role in driving team morale and happiness, but also, it can give you “real-sight” into which teams are trending down, and that are in need of support. Forward-thinking companies are using Wellness Intelligence to understand, in real-time, the readiness of their product and dev teams to perform.

Here’s the thing: a large portion of your teams either have in the past or are currently experiencing burnout and misaligned at their company. In fact, most of them will never even tell you that they are. According to a new survey from anonymous workplace chat app Blind, which surveyed 3,023 employees at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Blind’s poll found that employees at some of the world’s biggest tech companies are feeling more burned out and unhappy at their jobs than ever before.

With Wellness Intelligence, the focus shifts from passively understanding employee alignment to proactively engaging team members with support Playbooks designed to both early detect and mitigate company alignment issues before it takes a nose dive. Instead of forcing people to complete that god-awful 6-month “engagement” survey, while they casually wait to be heard by leadership, Wellness Intelligence helps leaders to understand the needs of their team in real-time. Without a predictive tool to understand team sentiment, these issues would have tanked product team performance quicker than you can say “down-round”.

2. Wellness Intelligence for Sales

Every sales leader knows the faster you can support your team with an engagement or leadership issue, the happier everyone will be. But too often, sales leaders rely on the dreaded “pulse” of their team to manage performance outcomes.

With Wellness Intelligence, we provide real-time insights to performance issues right when you need them. This helps you understand the exact teams which are in need of proactive support and the teams that can be challenged or pushed harder. No more guesswork. No more one size fits all leadership

Wellness Intelligence has the ability to drive massive efficiency gains for revenue teams of all sizes. Because it’s always on, learning, and collecting feedback, this data enables sales leaders to deliver personal, real-time performance solutions on a global scale.

3. Wellness Intelligence for customer support

Running a successful customer support team depends entirely on making a proactive commitment to an amazing customer experience. Getting this commitment right, however, requires making sure that the employee experience is just as wonderful. Whether it’s creating support documentation or talking to customers directly, Wellness Intelligence helps create a better culture within your organization, while taking a human-focused approach to employee well-being and engagement. With a better culture and a happier customer support team, your customers are guaranteed a better experience.

Best practices for Wellness Intelligence

Adopting the new strategy of real-time employee support doesn’t come without its challenges. “Real-time” implies an almost instant response is needed, and many businesses are concerned about the shift from being reactive to proactive.

For businesses experiencing massive growth, and a large number of internal teams, implementing bespoke team engagement strategies quickly becomes a daunting task. But the good news is that you don’t need to do that to be successful. Instead, it’s about using Wellness Intelligence— as well as Growth Windows and Playbooks — to help your leaders make decisions regarding the well-being and performance of their teams.

Here are a few simple best practices to help you get the most for your team.

Use Growth Windows to understand which teams need support and who can be challenged.

Actionable data matters and we want to provide leaders like you, people data that helps you make better decisions regarding the performance of your teams. Growth Windows are the easiest, most intelligent way of assessing how ready your team is to perform, and more importantly the “cost” of that performance.

Using Wellness Intelligence, Growth Windows gives you the ability to not only understand who needs support but also, which key performance metric is affecting or driving performance. Using this data as your guide, you are able to make better decisions when it matters. And that’s today.

Trust in Playbooks to give you a path to better performance.

Wellness Intelligence moves beyond reporting generic employee engagement data. When an employee checks-in, that data is analyzed and benchmarked to provide not only a breakdown of team needs but also, triggering a series of Playbook recommendations designed to provide leaders with actionable solutions to be implemented right away. From adjusting workload and schedules, providing mental health services, to exercises to improve team grit or alignment, you get precise recommendations for each team in your organization.

Real-time intelligence is the norm, not the exception

The old way of driving team performance is dead.

The “future of work” has led to a new set of expectations for employees. It’s no longer good enough to host quarterly mental health seminars or “no meetings Fridays”. Employees want more fulfillment, more autonomy, and better support from their employers.

Thanks to Wellness Intelligence, we can now deliver this experience at scale. Whether it’s through data-supported leadership or automated with the help of Playbooks, Wellness Intelligence aims to be the de facto way to drive employee well-being and performance— in real-time, as soon as they need it.

No more guessing. No more “finger on the pulse”. Just the best support possible for each and every employee.

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