Getting started using LEON

Bryan Smith

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

One of the common questions we get from prospective LEON users is how to get their company to use it.

They know a lot of organizations have adopted LEON, and they’ve heard it adds transparency, simplicity, and the ability to drive employee performance and well-being all in one place. But they aren’t sure where to start, since it’s a new platform and a new way of employee performance for a team. So what are some simple, quick ways to get started, gradually incorporating it into existing processes, and expanding it throughout your entire organization?

Getting on board

Introducing LEON begins with a few first steps: Someone at your company signs up for LEON, starts a team or three, invites a team lead, and team members to join. It’s OK to start with a single team for now, as the initial feedback will be quite enough during your trial run. If LEON is indeed a hit at your company, you can always add more teams and team leads at a later time.

Start with a small team

Most successful rollouts of LEON start small, and that’s quite all right. Begin with maybe a small sales or product team, and up to as many as a few dozen people.

With your launch team in place, answer your first series of check-in questions within the user app. And since we designed our check-ins within a very specific, and scientifically backed cadence, it’s imperative that you have your team log in every week to check in. This will help smarten up the algorithm, and most importantly, create better Playbook recommendations for you.

Understand your Growth Windows

As more data comes in over the first few weeks, you’ll start to see where your launch team lives within our Growth Windows feature. A simple red, yellow, green concept has been designed as a visual cue to help you understand which teams are in need of Support and which team can be Challenged. We recommend showing this to your launch team, so they can both understand how it works, but more importantly, you can build trust in the data.

Utilizing the Playbook Library

LEON works best when you turn the data into action. Whether you take your own action or use one of our recommended Playbooks, it will help to create belief and trust that both you as a leader and LEON have an employee’s best interest in mind. If you choose to start a Playbook, communicate and possibly go over with your team the why behind starting this Playbook (this can be done in the customize section). You can always adjust the steps so that it makes the most sense for your people and your culture. Remember, “imperfect execution” is okay, because it leads to smarter growth later on.

Take notes, grow from there

With your first check-ins now completed, and the Performance Index working, take a moment to assess how LEON played into the process. Did LEON enhance your team’s communication on well-being? Was it simple and easy enough to log in to their account and check-in? Did Growth Windows maybe open your eyes to anything you were unaware of? Was it surprising to see how you ranked within the LEON benchmarks? And most importantly, did it help you make better decisions regarding how you lead your team?

If the response to LEON was positive, the next logical step is to start driving real change within your entire company.

LEON launch day

LEON works best when everyone in a company uses it from top to bottom, but the key to making that happen is publicizing LEON and giving people a chance to use it. An excellent way to do that is having a “launch day” to help everyone get started on LEON after you’ve convinced your organization to adopt it across the company.

Select a future date as the big day, and make internal announcements to prepare everyone for your company’s new performance software. We have email templates and support documents to help you remind everyone of such a momentous event.

The goal for your launch day is training, both in terms of the basics of using LEON as well as setting expectations on how LEON will work inside your company. Share a story about your experience using Leon and how the initial launch team used a recommended Playbook during the testing phase. Describe how check-ins work and Growth Windows can help create a better company and better human beings

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Transforming how you scale team well-being and performance is a project itself. Start small and spread it slowly, track progress and iterate when necessary, and develop strategies based on the team’s experience. Finally, get management buy-in for a company-wide launch, and you’ll be well on your way to successfully having the happiest and healthiest team out there.

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