Announcing ‘The Burnout Handbook for ‍Sales Leaders’ – our playbook for scaling a high performing team.

Bryan Smith

Bryan is an ex Pro Sports Performance coach turned repeat founder and startup advisor. He is the COO and Co-Founder at LEON.

Today we’re releasing a brand new book, The Burnout Handbook for Sales Leaders.

If you work at a high-growth company, you’ve likely felt the effects of burnout. In fact, according to a survey from anonymous workplace chat app Blind, which surveyed 3,023 employees at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Blind’s poll found that employees at some of the world’s biggest tech companies are feeling more burned out and unhappy at their jobs than ever before. And trust us, this statistics rings even more true for the struggling 0m to 1m in ARR companies we speak to everyday.

We started LEON over 3 years ago, because we understood that there is a better path to high performance and well-being in sales. What we've learned is when the business is growing quickly, you need to constantly be on the lookout for issues that can impact performance – from mental health, company alignment, to understanding how to adjust OKR's and goals. Each decision you make as a sales leader will have an impact on the well-being and performance of your sales team.

As sales leaders, this is the boat we are all in. The future of work has changed, and it's time for you to go from manager to coach!

That’s exactly what we’re tackling head on in our book The Burnout Handbook for Sales Leaders. In this book, we take you inside the science of transforming from manager to coach. You’ll get tested frameworks for rapidly scaling well-being and performance with your sales team, plus insights on how you can build your own high performance team...minus the burnout!

Over the course of seven chapters, The Burnout Handbook for Sales Leaders covers everything from the science of stress and performance, to actionable playbooks that can be implemented immediately, the moment something like burnout is beginning to give off the faint smell of smoke.

  • Tested frameworks for rapidly scaling well-being and high performance.
  • Highly effective tactics, used by some of the most successful sports teams and high growth companies today,
  • And much, much more.

Ready to kickstart your revenue growth? Head this way to grab your free copy today – Good luck, and enjoy!

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