LEON is your new secret weapon to growth.

LEON is the one tool that can help accelerate your growth by offering a wellness benefit that is scalable and amazingly fun.

A more engaged team starts with LEON 🙌

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Introducing LEON for Small Business

The best wellness tools are engaging and personal. With LEON, it’s finally possible to deliver that kind of experience at scale. You get everything you need to capture and motivate your team without all of the issues of your heavy, hard to implement wellness software.

Set up in minutes. See results today.

        No lengthy setup or training required. Start enaging your team from day one.

Deliver one consistent wellness experience

         Make the most of every employee interaction, from our Slack feed to booking a Bike Share.

Connect to your 
favorite brands and go

     Tailor your team’s offerings to fit your team needs with our 100+ partnerships and integrations.

Employee wellness should not be an after thought.

Your team is your biggest growth lever. Yet, you’re spending less than 10 hours per year on your corporate wellness strategy .

We solve your wellness problems with software, integrations and a whole lot of data.

Our software and methodology is a powerful pairing of our proprietary algorithms and industry leading integrations and partnerships, as well as a team of the best sports scientists and wellness managers in the world. 

We provide you the software and team to stop guessing and start growing

We study wellness businesses more than anyone else in the world and imbue that knowledge within our products to help you support your team and their wellness goals.

Get started with LEON for SMB’s 🙌

✔︎ Free to join  ✔︎ Easy set up  ✔︎ Cancel anytime

LEON is a corporate wellness platform that focuses on creating a world where one’s workplace empowers them to lead a healthier life.

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