Wellness made easy.

Join any gym, take any class, sign up for any event and integrate into your companies existing corporate wellness program.

LEON is committed to saving you time, saving you money and getting rid of the hassle that makes wellness so hard.

Hundreds of partnerships and thousands of wellness options

LEON integrates with the brands and services you already use every day. Track all your gym and class check-ins, event registrations and bike share memberships all in one place.

LEON lives inside and outside your company

LEON allows easy subsidization for any size company. Simply enter in your email when joining an organization and connect up your companies wellness subsidy.

One app for all your wellness spend

In LEON, wellness happens in one ecosystem and one app — from accessing a Citi Bike bike share, to signing up for a Soulcycle class; anything is possible. 

Your wellness hub

Book the Best Classes in Your City

Join Exclusive Gyms

Access a Citi Bike or Indego Bike Share

Connect with Your Friends and Coworkers


Here are some common questions from LEON Users.

What if I'm not connected to a company?

We built LEON to work both with and without a company. So feel free to take advantage of all the corporate level discounts and exclusive access to top facilities.

Are there any contracts or monthly fees?

The concept of LEON is freedom of choice and simple access. We looked at joining a gym or booking your favorite class as tedious and full of meaningless steps. In LEON you can join and cancel in one click of a button!

What are the limitations and does LEON use credits?

Zero! Feel free to book any class at any time. With no blackouts and no silly credits.

How do I get started?

Click here to download the iOS app (Android coming soon). If your company is partnered with LEON, simply enter in your employer email address and access your subsidy. If not, take advantage of all the discounts and no contract memberships!


LEON is a corporate wellness platform that focuses on creating a world where one’s workplace empowers them to lead a healthier life.

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